Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coexisting with One Controller

Sometimes a great game comes out and there's no multi-player feature.  Sometimes it's such a must-play game that neither wants to wait for the other to finish it first.  Sometimes there is only one possible save file *cough*pokemon*cough*.

So how do you share a single player game when both you and your husband are chronic controller hogs?

Our friend E recently lent us his copy of FFXIII.  Yes, it's already an "old" release, but remember - by virtue of cheapness I rarely ever buy games over $15.  Even beloved franchise games like Final Fantasy.  Anyway, I started playing, but after a while, I had this sixth sense that someone was behind the couch, crawling towards me with itchy controller-starved fingers.  Sak wanted in.

Ten game hours later, I think we've developed a bit of a sharing strategy.  At each save point we'll switch off, fighting along the way.  He'll let me "spend the gil" - glorified shopping and skill/weapon development, while he handles all the bosses or anything else that requires quick-thinking and/or reflexes.  And so far - it's been working.  Plus we get to snack, stretch, or look up game FAQs while on our break from the controller! Win-win!

True, we still have moments now and then where one questions the other's obviously inferior battle strategy.  Or one will wonder how the other could possibly have missed that treasure orb right in front of one's face - obviously it was right there and only an idiot who needs to get an eye check would skip it. *scoff scoff*

But minor rivalry aside, it's been pretty positive.  We get to spend time together (which makes videogame playing much more enjoyable, in my opinion), and by necessity we are practicing our sharing and compromising relationship skills - which can only help in future, more important life instances where sharing needs to happen. Heh.

As for our impression of FFXIII so far? We are in agreement that Sazh is the best character so far, if only for the chocobo that lives in his afro.  Obviously that's an iron-clad combination of epic proportions.
Do you ever find it hard to share something with your significant other?  What's your strategy for sharing?


  1. Cute post! The only thing we really struggle to share is counter space when we are both cooking together. Otherwise, our interests sadly do not overlap ;) We haven't figured out the counter issue yet, but maybe we can apply some of your wisdom to our sharing challenge.

  2. That's a good plan for sharing the game time! I'm not as big of a gamer as my husband, but I do like to play some of the 2 player games with him.

  3. Haha! I'm not a gamer, but Paper Mario and Super Mario Galaxy on Wii kinda drove me crazy having to share. As far as other things, he's usually good about sharing, and I'm not. I think that's why he got us EACH a Nook for our anniversary -- so we don't have to share!

  4. I don't even know how we could begin to relate to this one! We have an Xbox and Kinetc but we just call it the Netflix player because thats all we use it for.

    Great strategy though!

  5. LOL. I don't know about sharing. :oP Tim and I bonded in the first few months of our marriage over Modern Warfare 2. :oP You guys should definitely invest in some two player, cooperative games as well (though Tim did get me Soul Calibur 4 for my birthday)!


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