Thursday, July 7, 2011

Craft Room Clean-up, v2

I cleaned up my craft room once, back when we were still apartment dwellers.  But since we're now in a house, I've got to step up my game and create a longer term solution for the "stuffs".

The chaotic before:

The goal was simply to make the room more organized, and less visually confusing. 

And though I could have just found matching boxes for all my supplies, I thought it would be cheaper if I just "hid" it all.

I bought a KVARTAL curtain system from IKEA, and used leftover fabric to make three panels. Penga-Dad helped me install the slider-thing to the ceiling, right in front of all my craft cubes.
Instantly hidden!
The panels slide back and forth for easy craft-access.
Next, we had a wobbly white mini-stand which was so unstable it was pretty much useless.

To give Wobble some more support, I cut out some cardboard, covered it in wrapping paper, and stapled it to the back of the stand.

A little red pizazz and no more wobble!

Since I had some office supplies in lidless cardboard boxes (two halves of a shoebox, really), Sak origami'ed some lids for me.

And lastly, I cleaned up all my crap!

Cleaner! Though I will eventually hang up some pictures and figure out how window treatments work, I feel like I have space to think now, which is good!  Plus, if we ever put a guest bed (murrrphhhyyy!) on the other side of the room (currently an empty wall), visitors won't have to worry about my "hobbies" attacking them like closet monsters in the night!


  1. I love how a simple change makes such a big difference!

  2. Looks good! This is such a creative solution :)

  3. Love the curtain thingies! Looks very nice and non-cluttered.

  4. Hiding stuff sounds like the best solution ever! Just pull the curtains and it's ready for guests to view :)

  5. Can Penga-Dad come over and install things like that for me? I absolutely love that idea! Love your new house :)

  6. ohhh I love the leftover photobooth cloth, you really keep all the good stuff well :)


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