Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Loco Moco

One thing about marrying a Hawaiian man - I've gotten used to making sure he gets his island-comfort-foods on a somewhat regular basis.  No one wants to deal with tropical homesickness, especially when one is freezing his butt off in Northern California.

Probably the easiest is Loco Moco.  It makes Sak happy, and anything it makes me happy, so it's always a win-win dish. Let's make some!

1) Plate of rice.

2) Hamburger patty on plate of rice.

3) Brown gravy on hamburger patty on plate of rice.

4) Carmelized onions on gravy on patty on plate of rice. (Optional, but Sak likes his onions.)

5) Runny egg on onions on gravy on patty on rice!

What? Whaaaat?

Fine. We'll eat some veggies too. Just to avoid blog-guilt. *audible sigh*

Have you had Loco Moco before?


  1. That looks delicious! And many vital components Tim wouldn't eat. haha. I've never had loco moco before and it looks tasty. I SOOOOO miss Hawaiian food. Must stock up on L&L and the link when I go home :oP

  2. Suspicious. Hawaiian food seems suspicious. It scared me at Spam and this Loco Moco looks suspicious.

  3. That looks kind of amazing. It's not at all what I imagine when I think of Hawaiin food, but it looks delicious!

  4. We stayed with a friend of mine in Honolulu for two nights during our last trip to Hawaii - he exposed us to a variety of Hawaiian foods, but loco moco was not one of them. I'd definitely give this is a try - I like all of the things by themselves, so why not all piled together on a plate of yumminess?

  5. I don't like eggs so I've never tried a loco moco, although it has all the elements Dave would like. I wonder what I could replace the egg with to make this? Cuz we love hamburgers, onions, gravy, and rice! You are a nice wife :)

  6. I loooooove loco moco. When we were on one of the islands (Big Island, I think? I forget which), we went to one place that had all different varieties - yum! I must say I'm a traditionalist though and always go back to the hamburger and runny egg :)

  7. i've never heard of loco moco, but it sounds delicious.

  8. I LOVE LOCO MOCO!!!!!!! I heard about it not while in Hawaii when I was younger, but in college, where I had a few Hawaiian friends and they'd make it. I was already familiar with Spam musubi since my family loves them, so it was an easier transition. Haha! I made sure Todd tried it on our honeymoon, and now we found a great Hawaiian place here in Tucson that serves a delicious one (the patty is seasoned somehow). Mmmm!!

  9. that step-by-step is awesome! Yummy! Can you sub hamburger for spam? or is that something else then?


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