Monday, August 8, 2011

DIY Magnets

As much as I love our wedding save-the-date magnets, there's a ton leftover, and they definitely aren't so useful anymore.

But there's no point in wasting perfectly good magnets, so let's give them a new purpose!

First, I drew a shape onto one of them.

Cut, cut!

Recognizable yet? Trace the shape onto some cardstock, then color it in!

Cut the little green dude out, and glue it to the magnet.

Instant cactuar magnet!
Yes, he's missing his hair spikes, but I can't cut that well.
But why stop there? Deviously, I surprised Sak with some rage faces on the fridge.

I'm not really sure what the official definition of the "rage face" is, other than it's a meme originating from the depths of 4chan, and is sort of like the modern day equivalent to a set of emoticons.  You can read comics made with rage faces, though I warn you they are not your high-brow type of comics.  The above magnet is the "y u no" face, which I thought could be especially useful for a fridge.

I also included all of Sak's other favorites (L-R): derp face, me gusta face, challenge accepted face, like a boss face, forever alone face, and troll face down at the bottom.

Troll face is especially useful for times one reuses a delicious snack food container to hold those leftover onion pieces for later use. Hu hu huu.

Anyway, I still have a ton of magnets left for re-imagining, what do you think would make a good magnet?


  1. Cute magnets! Our fridge is stainless and non-magnetic, or else I would totally copy you on some of these!

  2. First - I'm so jealous that you have leftover magnets. I had to beg a cousin to send me one of ours so I could make a wedding memory box!

    Love Magnets - It'd be cool if you painted one with leftover chalk board paint. You could chalk them up!

  3. Love Hannah's idea with the chalk paint!! I love what you've done so far with your magnets! =)

  4. LOL. I like the me gusta one. :oP Make your own little calenders. More weird faces. More weird faces and sell them on etsy. :oP

  5. I was LOLing at this whole post. You two are way cute. The faces.. OMG!

    Dave is pretty annoyed though. He said you got the cactuar thing wrong. The long leg is supposed to be bent, not straight..... whatever that means.

  6. @kristin (or rather, dave!): haha, you're right! I did. That'll teach me not to double check my source before pulling stuff out my bum. lol. *hands over nerd card*

  7. Oh my goodness... I absolutely love this. Mind if I steal?


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