Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fort Point

With Sak's family here, we took a trip over to the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was foggy as usual, but still breath-taking in it's size and beauty.  Not to mention a tad bit eerie, after having seen The Bridge.

After walking about a third of the bridge (lame, I know), we went down under the bridge to Fort Point.
Pointing, at Fort Point. Hu hu huuuu.

They actually had to build the bridge in an arch, around the Civil War-era Fort in order not to disturb it.

I actually had never been to the Fort before, and it was pretty cool. Kind of like a free version of Alcatraz. Museum displays and tours and everything!
Alcatraz, just a hop and a skip away.
The inside of the Fort was almost Gladiator-esque, with open walkways and a courtyard in the middle.
Cannon turret side.
Housing side.
There were long, empty and eerie hallways.

And four floors ready for cannons to protect the Bay.

And ammo too, of course!

Steep spiral staircases lead up to the lighthouse.

With the underbelly of the Golden Gate over it all!

The cannons pointed out toward the entrance to the San Francisco Bay.
Out to the Pacific!
Fort Point is an awesome little gem, nestled beneath a larger one - and it's definitely worth checking out! They even do re-enactments there from time to time! (I'll be returning for one of those in the future, for sure. And here I thought only the East Coast had period re-enactments.)

But! Seriously what is this on the rations list?!

Adamantine?! Like the legendary mineral for making swords and armor in Final Fantasy/other RPGs? Hehe.

Do you have lesser known historical gems in your neighborhood? Share!


  1. I went here this weekend, too! We didn't go to Fort Point but made it across the bridge - I don't blame you for turning back - it's a long walk!

  2. Wow, that's pretty cool! I've only been to SF once, in 1998 as part of my one and only marching band trip. I recall it being fun. Winchester Mystery House was my favorite!

    Not sure how adamantine was a ration, that's kind of fantastic!

  3. Cool - I never knew this was down there!!

  4. HOME!!!! :] I went when I was little. I should take Tim there sometime, he'd like it.

  5. That's cool - I never knew it existed! Thanks for sharing!

  6. i didn't know that was there! and dude, no apologies for not walking across the entire bridge. because you'd just have to walk all the way back, right? and you don't want to be all peeved at the bridge.

  7. I've only been to the other side (where we also got engaged!) to the little fort out there! The GG Bridge is my favorite SF landmark, by far.


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