Monday, August 15, 2011

Kiriban Giveaway!

Wooo! Thanks to you, dear readers, the Sakacon blog has reached it's kiriban number of 100 visitors in a day! And though it might not seem like much to you big-timers out there - I feel like it's a milestone worthy of celebration! Hence, the kiriban prize! (Kiriban = set number goal for winning something. Also associated with page views/website counters.)

Right then! First watch this video:

I realized that I had one of these sandwich presses from one of my random-thing impulse-buying occasions, and now it is mandatory that one make sound effects while making sandwiches.

Pocket sandwich! So cute! (Though, don't waste the bread crusts! Make meatloaf, put them in soup, or simply snack on them!)
Anyway! Let's give away an authentic Japanese sandwich press!

Yes, it's from Daiso for $1.50, but monetary value is not the point here. Winning is the point! So enter, okay?

To enter:
Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite type of sandwich is!
*Contest ends midnight, Friday August 19th and the winner will be announced Saturday the 20th based on a random number generator.  No special restrictions on location unless you live somewhere the postal people refuse to venture.

Thank you again for spending time here in my little corner of the internet, I truly appreciate it!


  1. I've never seen those before, that's so fun!! Wow, favorite sandwich?? Grilled cheese, probably -- or else an Italian grinder (which would be hard to make into a pocket)!

    Love your blog so much!

  2. Hey Penga! My favorite sandwich is either peanut butter & nutella & banana (mmmm) or a caprese salad (fresh mozzarella & tomato) with no basil!

  3. OH my gosh. That video was funny! You should make one too! :) I am a bad bad reader, because I read in google reader, and rarely make it over to comment. Bad me, because I love comments.

    I love sandwiches, but I can't eat wheat, yeast, or gluten, so I don't make them. Sad day. Just wanted to comment!

  4. My favorite is the classic PB&J sandwich :)

  5. Can that contraption contain a chicken sandwich with bacon and ranch?! :oP It's so cool it seals the sandwich!

    I miss Daiso so much!! :]

  6. I'm a traditionalist - PB&J is my favorite! Those pocket sandwiches are so cute :)

  7. I wannnnnna win!

    Does a Moz & Tomato panini count?!

  8. These type of pressed sandwiches were always our FAVORITE snack food. If we knew we had a long day out (running errands, heading to the beach) we'd pick up some at the 7-11 down the street before ShinOkubo station.

    Our favorite was peanut butter and jelly, but Japanese peanut butter is MUCH sweeter so they gave us fantastic sugar highs!

  9. I love Egg Salad pressed sandwich with a thin slice of ham. My Obaachan makes them for me when I visit!

  10. I looove salami and colby-jack cheese sandwiches! I always had them growing up as a kid. They're even better on potato bread with a small smear of mayo, yum yum yum. :)

  11. My favourite sandwich is tuna, with a bit of garlic, lemon and chili powder. Or a grown-up grilled cheese with sourdough bread.

  12. Of course, now that I am pregnant I want tuna everyday! But I am limited to once a day. Slowly I've started eating peanut butter, crunchy of course, on whole wheat. Not nearly as exciting :(

  13. I really love a ham sandwich with olive tapenade, some miracle whip, and delicious goat gouda!

  14. Eeeep! How fun is that! As a kid I luurved butter and jelly sandwiches (I wasn't a fan of peanut butter). As an adult, I'm a traditional ham and cheese kind-a-gal.


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