Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oregon Trail: Bonneville to Klamath

Out of Portland, we stopped by the Bonneville Dam, fish ladder and hatchery.

The hatchery specializes in many different salmon species. Unfortunately it was not hatching season, but some of the tanks still had a few salmon fry left.
Hey, small fry!

When they are big enough, they are released back into the wild, though all of them are tagged so you can see how many make it back home later in life.

I've been to the salmon hatchery before as a child, but since then they added a sturgeon viewing center.  They had monster sturgeon!
Sak fed some of the resident rainbow trout, and then we headed over to the fish ladder.

Inside, staff count all the fish that swim by.

I remember being a bit bored the first time I came here, probably because my parents stayed here *all day* counting fish! I guess that means I'm getting older, because this time I didn't have a problem taking a seat and staring at the fish windows for a while.
Giant water turbine! 
Afterwards, we crossed the river into Washington, just for Sak to say he's "been there".  (And yes, Pretzel, I know this doesn't count! We'll do your state properly someday, promise!)

We headed home via Bend, Oregon - passing Mount Hood along the way.

We pulled over along the road due to a "museum" sign, and ended up at the High Desert Museum.  It was pretty cool - a mixture of Native American, Lewis and Clark, and early mining history - as well as Oregon animals!
Not on exhibit, but the squirrels were the cutest!
They had a replica lumber farm set up, including a working mill!

And outhouse...
(With squirrel in front!)
And even a grotesque display of carrion!
Love the kid's expression. Whhhhaaaaatttt???
We met a docent there, who was originally from the Peninsula, and had a nice conversation about the pros and cons of moving to Oregon.  Obviously there were more pros, but who could blame him? He gets to be a museum docent and dress up like an early settler, lucky guy!

Anyway, continuing South, we stopped by Lava Butte, a big pile of volcanic rock.

Nearly a mile up, the view from the top was spectacular!

Trees, trees and more trees!

Our last stop was at Klamath Falls, which apparently is the equivalent of California's Bakersfield. A bit of an armpit.  But their armpit at least has a lake!

And this store called Fred Meyer (an Oregon chain?).  It was a pretty crazy department/grocery store, kind of like a Super Walmart and a Whole Foods combined.  Mind blowing!  Seriously, they had a vitamin/grain dispenser section that "smelled like Whole Foods", and everything from jewelry to clothes to your standard bottles of Gatorade.  An everything store!

Anyway, our trip was even more amazing than I had hoped it to be, and I'm glad we had the opportunity to go! I'm also glad that we didn't get sick of each other in the car for so long, and that I didn't run us off any cliffs or anything.

For you that live in Oregon, take pride in your beautiful state - and for those who don't, it's well worth a visit!
Personal MPG record! Woooo!


  1. YOU GUYS WENT TO BEND?!? :-D You could have.... visted my in-laws? haha. :) I must visit in the summer and find those squirrels. That one you caught was SO CUTE! That little nose!

    Fred Meyer! haha. Yeah I was amazed at that store too.

    Did you enjoy having someone pump your gas for you?

    Sweet trip! :]

  2. i've never been to a hatchery--seems kinda cool! um, nice museum exhibit. heehee.

  3. I love watching fish in the ladders! Fred Meyer is a Pacific Northwest thing. There is one in walking distance from our house- love it! Regarding driving over the border and back, as long as you guys come back to WA, it counts. :) I love road trips and haven't taken one in years- you guys are inspiring me to plan one with Mr P- Perhaps a San Fran road trip :)

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary trip! You've inspired me to start planning ours :)

  5. SO funny. I am petrified of sturgeon because they can jump far/high and are known to smack boaters as they fly by. Even tubing, I'm scared that one will pop up and smack me int he face. Those guys can get HUGE (like 5+ feet).

    Sorry. Still having nightmarish thoughts!

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