Monday, August 22, 2011

Oregon Trail: Signs!

Well, our Oregon road trip was a success! I can't say I am rested and relaxed from all the driving, but it certainly was fun and exciting, as any adventure-vacation should be.

But before I go off on the recap-monologue-train, here is a road trip-sign-montage to get us started:
Trisha Takanawa?

Wouldn't you love to be in charge of the tourism industry here?

This is only funny because Sak's "real" name is often misspelled as "Crag" or even "Crig". Thus why it is easier to call him Sak. Less letters.

Gotta start at the beginning, I guess.

Yes, we did back the car back up (on the highway!) for this guy. I need one in our yard.

This was actually a pig, not a rodent. But since the name "guinea pig" was already taken...

Not so much.

This seems legit.  


I was supposed to cover the "E" at the end. *snicker snicker*

There is log surfing in Oregon, apparently.

Yes, Bart has a market in Oakland. Just not Oakland, CA.


Pi in the subway!'s not actually correct. @_@

Too bad it wasn't snowing.

A sign for the not-really state of Jefferson, which would have broken off Northern California.  

Because I'm sure squirrels read better than humans. Seriously.
I hope that you can tell from the snippets that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! If not, I'll be sharing more of what we did on our trip.  But for now my poor Prius needs a wash and some TLC.


  1. So much fun! I love all of these signs, especially the last one. Can't wait for the rest of your recaps :)

  2. HAHA, that squirrel sign is too funny!

  3. I love the State of Jefferson sign. I just learned about Jefferson on the History Channel's "How The States Got Their Shapes."

  4. LOVE funny signs. These are great. I love the cut out. You need him in your yard!

  5. Yuzen's!! (Giant man holding a plate of sushi) We go every time we're in Seal Rock - the spicy tuna is to die for!

  6. Hehe what funny signs. Those Oregonians are... so weird... :oP

  7. Bewareeeee humansss!!!!! squirrel food is bad for uuuuuu!!!!! haha thought you would have fun mrs sak! see ya l8er sista!

  8. herrreeee the site 4 mah blog sissy!


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