Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oregon Trail

Well, not really.  We'll be going North rather than West, and I seriously hope Sak doesn't come down with a case of dysentery.

Since we knew we'd have a less than romantic first anniversary, we decided to take a few days off for a little adventure!  Specifically, a road trip for two up to the Country's 33rd state: Oregon.
Originally, I wanted to do the whole Americana-Road-Trip-Thing and go to Yellowstone and/or Mount Rushmore.  Sak just wanted to go to Yosemite, since he's never been before.  In the end, we did the good-married-thing and compromised.  Yellowstone was too much of a trip for our limited funds, while Yosemite (to me) felt too close to home for a vacation.  I'll take him there some other weekend, promise.

Thus Oregon, a good mixture of far and close, was the winner! Plus, we were 100% totally sold when we saw that going to Oregon meant a pit-stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for a tour.
(source) Tilllaaaaamooooook!

So that was that.  Sak used some of the free hotel credits we had racked up from our Japan honeymoon, and we were set.  Soon we'll be on our way to our neighbor state!

After some research, I'm seeing that there is actually plenty of stuff to do in Oregon aside from lots and lots of forests.  There's a zoo, an aquarium, a science museum, and many other Sak/Penga-friendly attractions that we'll be trying to squeeze in.  And then of course there's food too - Penga-Sis has made it clear that she expects a Voodoo Doughnut upon our return.

Anyway, have you been to Oregon before? Do you have any must-dos/eats to recommend?  Even though I'm usually super type-A about planning these sorts of things, right now I'm just really happy we were able to fit in a little couple-trip at all!


  1. OMG SO excited about this trip! Cheese. CHEESE. I knew we had things in common Penga.


  2. Oooh, I've never been to Oregon but I love CHEESE! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

  3. Awesome!! My family and I took a trip up to Oregon, but make it a longer trip through NorCal. We kinda went up the coast so we could hit up the huge Sequoia trees that you can drive through (I think it's in Humboldt county somewhere), Mendocino (beautiful!!), etc. Our main stop was Crater Lake in Oregon. Amazing!! But, if your trip's goal isn't the same as ours was back then, I'd stick with the Cheese Factory (which is what I would do now, to be honest). =) Have a safe, fun trip!!

  4. Yay Oregon! I went to school at Humboldt and hubs went to University of Oregon. Remember when you go there, don't pump your own gas! They have people to do it for you.
    Where in Oregon are you going?

  5. I live in Oregon! We are a pretty fun state to visit, if I do say so myself. Is there any specific type of activity you are looking for? I might have some insight!

  6. @yuki - we'll be going up to Newport and then Portland, then back down by going around mount hood!

    @marie - we are historical things/oddball things/cheap-eats type people I think!

    great to hear from some locals! woo!

  7. what a fun trip! i've never been to oregon, so i'll just have to hear all about it from you!

  8. Fun fun!!! Mt Hood is beautiful, we used to go up there for Christmas with our family friends.
    If you're in PDX for the weekend, I've always liked the Saturday Market and of course the Made in Oregon stores have fun stuff to poke around in. I've never been, but heard Newport is Bee yoo ti ful.
    So jealous!! ;)

  9. Tim grew up in Newport! I can try to ask for some things to do but he was much younger so "digging on the beach" might not be as fun for you guys. :oP

    So awesome you get to go to the cheeeeeeese factory! :-D Glad you guys get to take a trip! Trips are fun!

  10. Tilamook! Hello! That's going to be so much fun. I went to a family reunion once in Hood River, Oregon. I don't remember too much about it except for the fact that it was all kinds of beautiful up there :)

  11. I live just south of Portland in one of the 'burbs. My recommendation would be the cheese factory but since you've already got it on your list... :D You could always wander around downtown Portland. The Max is free in downtown and there's tons of neat places to go. Plus there's a bunch of food carts which are the best thing ever.


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