Monday, August 1, 2011

The Paper Anniversary

As much as we wanted a return trip to Hawaii for our first anniversary, it was definitely not in the post-home-buying cards.  And though there was not a whole lot of romance in the air this past weekend due to house guests, we still found a little time to exchange gifts.  Consider it an effort to prove to ourselves that yes, being married a whole year meant something special to us both.  Plus, who doesn't love a present?

Going with the traditional paper theme, I got Sak a paper making kit.  He's always talking about how hard it is to come by good quality origami paper, so I figured he could try and make his own (or at least understand why quality paper is priced the way it is).  And anything to increase one's "skills" is always a winner in my opinion.

Sak, after a few months of telling me that I was getting a paper clock (to be 100% on board with Wikipedia's anniversary chart), pleasantly surprised me with a print from one of my favorite web-comics, xkcd.

So sweet. So true.

Now I just have to find a frame for this guy.


  1. Awesome gifts! I love the Xkcd print. I thought about making my husband a card for the paper anniversary, but we ended up not exchanging gifts at all.

  2. Very creative gifts! Ours is coming up in October... I should probably start thinking about what to get for my husband now!

  3. This print is so cute! I had dreams of having a house filled with these. What a funny idea.

    I hope everything is going good lady!

  4. Please update on Sak's paper making fun! Looks like a cool kit. And your print is awesome!! :]

  5. That's one of my favorite xkcd comics, as well!! And what a great idea with the paper-making kit! Hope the housemate thing is going well! =)

  6. Such sweet and thoughtful gifts!


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