Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stamp Out the Anger

So I was having a booger of a day.  Sak will tell you that there are one through n reasons why I could go into the snappy, sullen funk - but this particular day was mostly due to realizing that it was already past 9 pm before all the chores and other necessary evils were done.  No time for videogames. No time for anime. No time for projects. No time for gathering inspiration (aka aimless internet surfing).  No time for my summertime fit-Penga outdoor evening romantic walk. No time for anything! So frustrating.

But luckily, Sak also knows that there are two ways to cheer me up.  Food and interesting odds and ends. I'm a simple person.  So while at the stays-open-late airport post office (mailing my hair, a card for my cousin at camp, and a few leftover thank you cards from our 4th of July party), Sak bought me some stamps:

I don't know if it's the old-school "public service announcement" drawings, or just the sheer randomness of it, but these "green" stamps crack me up. My favorite as an EE should be the "efficient light bulb" stamp, but I can't help but love the "insulate the house" one:
Insulate with what? A green wormy?
 I also got a sheet of the new love stamps, which are totally a two thumbs up in my opinion. Amazing how quickly my mood changed. I have a great husband who understands his odd wifu's needs.
Strawberry heart is my favorite, of course.
Anyway, it's kind of silly how being a grown-up (aka putting business before leisure and hobbies) can drive me mad.  It's a good thing that there are grown-up things (like stamps) that still have enough quirk and life in them to keep me sane.  Now if someone wants to draw hearts and smiley faces on my 401k portfolio and my house tax calculator sheet things, maybe then I'd want to look at those.

What's something little that's cheered you up recently?


  1. I love those stamps! I'm like you - I get mad when "grown-up" activities interfere with my rest and relaxation time.

  2. i hear you about the chores--they stink, and always will. i do love the stamps and kudos to sak for his thoughtfulness!

  3. I'm big on stamps, especially cute ones!! I totally did a Thankful Thursday on those love stamps! And I thought the same thing about the insulating stamp!! I get that the idea is to "go green," but does it have to be all green and look like boogers??

  4. Those go green stamps are so funny, I can't believe they actually exist!

    And yeah, being a grown up kind of sucks sometimes. Responsibility AND a clean house, pshhh!


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