Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer of Cold Noodle: Naeng-myun

Today's cold noodle was a new one for me - Korean Mul Naeng-myun!

Chewy noodles (arrowroot? buckwheat?), in a icy light broth - topped with a bit of beef, cucumbers, pickled daikon and an egg.

It was very tasty - but one thing to remember is to say "yes!" when the asked if you want your noodles cut.  These noodles are tough to chew - and even though mine were cut I still felt like I needed baby-sized noodles so as not to choke to death.

I really appreciated the pickled daikon sprinkled on top, as I'm most definitely a pickle type of person - and I liked that there was actual ice in the soup to ensure that it stayed nice and cold.  I tried it also with some horseradishy mustard and vinegar - the mustard I really liked as it reminded me of wasabi in soba.

Since this was my first experience with naeng-myun, I think I'll try a few more restaurants out before trying this one at home. They also make a spicy version for the brave souls that can handle the heat!


  1. I love spicy food! the hotter the better. But I've never tried the combination of cold and spicy. Sounds really interesting :)

  2. naengmyun is such an awesome summer dish. i love plenty of vinegar and mustard to go into it.

  3. Love it! I'm craving it now.

    Hubs likes the non-soupy spicy version


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