Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer of Cold Noodle: Sesame Noodles

Even though it's just now starting to really warm up here in the Bay, it's officially the last Friday of the summer!

For this last cold noodle dish, I tried to make Chinese cold sesame noodles from a NY Times recipe.  I was a little scared though since the dish called for the dreaded "chili" word.
Forever a hot-sauce wimp.
I bought some fresh egg noodles from Ranch 99.

And went to town mixing the sauce up, only to find that it smelled suspiciously like hiyashi chuka sauce. I'm guessing hiyashi chuka is an adapted version of this?

Anyway, I went easy on the chili sauce, and mixed it all up together, adding peanuts and cucumber to the top.

Sesame noodles!
Seriously my favorite hashi ever, Kristin. Love you.
But when we went to eat them, it was like eating straight up peanut butter! It was so heavy and sticky!
They look good though.
I shoved the rest in the fridge and decided I'd figure out what to do with them the next day.  However, when I tasted them on day two - surprise! They were delicious. Not too nutty at all! And the chili sauce mixed in nicely with the sesame paste and peanut butter, so it wasn't too spicy.  I think maybe letting it chill a bit and soak into the noodles while in the fridge was the key.  So next time I make this dish, it'll be day-in-advance type of food.  Plus Sak and BIL were wondering where the meat was, so some chicken will probably be added as well.

I've had fun finding new cold noodles to try this summer, but I know there's plenty more out there to be had! I will do research in the off-season and hopefully continue my cold-noodle-chronicles next summer!


  1. Yum, I love cold sesame noodles :)

  2. These look really good! Thanks for the tip about leaving them to chill overnight. So funny about the chicken- my husband is a vegetarian so I'm constantly looking for ways to take the meat out of recipes ;)

  3. oh sesame noodles. so good. so very good.

  4. Looks yummy! NOoooo don't say it's the last Friday of the summer!!!

  5. I am loving this series. This looks simple but delicious, and I have all these ingredients in my pantry - we love chili garlic sauce! Most of all, I am very happy to see those chopsticks are still in use and well loved!

    I got the sandwich press on Thursday and made sandwiches today - I will try and post about it! Thanks again!

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