Saturday, August 20, 2011

Time to Make a Sandwich, Lady!

First, another great video - a mash up of commonly-used "scenes" in anime opening titles:

Personally, I like the "head turn" the most. Hehe.

And secondly, the winner for the sandwich press!

#8 was Kristin!  I'll be sending it to you soon for all the PB&Js you can make! (with sound effects of course!)

Thank you everyone for participating! There will be more silly give aways in the future, promise! :)


  1. Hehe, I just bought this exact sandwich press, I was so intrigued.

  2. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! This is so exciting! I never win these things. I will be pressing my little heart out on my beloved natsukashi PB&J sandwiches! Thank you for hosting!!!!!!!

  3. I just watched that video with Chris and he could name a good amount of those anime shows. I learned something new about him tonight (I thought he only watched naruto).

  4. Is it cool or sad to say I recalled where most of those opening came from? Lol.

    That dude's fiance has a very cool anime/video game bento and stuff animal blog, anna the red


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