Thursday, September 22, 2011

Citrus Trees

Way back during our housewarming party, we were gifted three cute little citrus trees: two lemons and a lime.

And being the lazies that we are, they stayed in their plastic store pots for over a month.  They were doing okay, so we figured we could take our time.

Yet when we came home from Oregon, they were toppled over, all crushed and semi-dead on one side.  Time to finally find a home for the poor things.

Since we had a nice open patio due to our ivy removal, some nice wooden barrels would work to both house our plants and fill the void.
Past look at the "void".  Dead foliage since removed.
We bought three barrels from Home Depot, along with some soil and watering supplies (flag drippers and tubing).

I potted the trees by first scoring their roots (loosens them up) and filling them with manure-filled soil.

Creepy spider eating lunch. 
Sak worked to connect some tubing to our existing timed-watering system, feeding one drip tube up into each pot.
Each day the trees get a five minute "drink" of water.

I still want to put the trees on roller-bases though, so I can move them around the patio if needed.  But they are much happier in their pots, and definitely won't fall over easily!

Do you have a citrus tree? Or know how to take care of one?


  1. Cute trees! We don't have a yard, so no personal trees for us. But my husband volunteers for Friends of the Urban Forest, an organization that plants trees all over the city. I like to think of those trees as "ours" :)

  2. Cute pots!! :) So fancy rigging the water system. :oP Oh engineers. :D

  3. Fun! They need lots of light! And I love how your inner engineers show :)

  4. so great that you have citrus trees! and i like those pots/planters/whatever things you got at home depot!

  5. Wow, hooking them up to a watering tube system is so smart. Maybe my plants would stop dying if I had something like that, because I can not seem to keep anything alive. Probably because once a week isn't often enough to water them!

  6. My dad has had a lemon tree in his backyard since before I was born (in San Jose), and it's awesome! It's gigantic, though -- about as tall as his 2-story house. It's very handy not to have to worry about buying lemons! And he gets some funny shaped ones once in a while that make us giggle. =) Citrus trees actually grow really well out in the Tucson area where we are now, but of course, require a lot more than 5 minutes of water per day. =)


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