Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY Nyan-Cat Bag

Ready for some fails? This project has three major ones, which I kept and am showing you as a reminder to myself that I am not a perfect crafter, and am indeed quite prone to idiot-moments.

Anyway, I started out wanting to make a toaster cover.  I eyeballed some measurements (red flag #1), thinking that it was just a square, no big deal.

So I cut out all the pieces, sew it up, only to find that it doesn't actually fit on my toaster. Yep.  Someone didn't account for the fact that the toaster is not just a rectangle, it's a rectangle with giant bulging sides.
Can my toaster go on a diet?
Well, no matter, I'll do the toaster cover later, and instead turn this into a bag.  No wasted materials.

I used simple cotton with a layer of quilting batting sandwiched in the middle. It's quite cushy.

Now with a complete bag, I cut out and glued together felt pieces to make a nyan-cat.  The song is really annoying, but you can't deny it's a cute kitty.

To be honest, I don't really like felt much.  Although some people are super great at making nice things with felt, it always looks/feels like a elementary school product when I use it.  But it is cheap and easy to work with, so I'll stop complaining.

Anyway, can you see fail #s 2 and 3?  Check the rainbow.

Yes, somehow I managed to screw up ROYGBIV.  Maybe I really do need to go back to elementary school?  And I also glued the entire rainbow on upside down.  And even worse that I didn't notice while making it, Sak had to point it out to me! I am clearly losing my mind.

*Sigh*.  Anyway, I could at least rip the rainbow off and flip it around, but for now, I am done. Mentally checked out of this project, obviously. 

So do I use this poor malformed nyan-cat as a gift bag for my friend's engagement present, or do I give this to Penga-sis, who is much more forgiving of my failures? Or, even better, should I keep it as a daily reminder of why a clear plan and quality assurance is necessary before I ever heat up a glue gun?

Have you had one of those inane mind-blank-out moments lately? I hope not!


  1. Aww, I think it's cute! And we love Nyan cat in our house :)

  2. it's adorable, mess-ups or no mess-ups!

  3. Haha that's a cool bag!!! :-D Maybe Penga sis might use it more often than friend who's engaged?

    I didn't see anything wrong with the toaster cover. It was... slim and form fitting. Just like all the jeans girls are wearing these days...


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