Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This past weekend, Sak and my Dad went out to the Salinas Airshow.  A manly thing for a father and son-in-law to do, no?
Yes, he bought that silly hat while there.
They brought back some awesome photos that need to be shared.  And no, I'm not talking about the planes.
Robosaurus of course!  Isn't he crazy?
And hungry.
Too big to fit in my mouth!
I will make bite size chunks!
Bite size!
Is there something in my teeth?
Mmm. That was good. *strokes chin*
Have you met Robosaurus before? He's such a show stealer.


  1. Cool photos! I haven't seen it in person before, but I think I saw it on some random tv show I was watching.

  2. oh my gosh what the heck is that? and nice that your dad and sak spend time together!

  3. LOVE ROBOSAURS!!! That's way cool it even rips the car in half!

    Where is this?!

  4. @alvina - its at our local airshow! But I think he travels around to other airshows too :)

  5. OMG! Robosaurus is awesome! I would've loved to see that in person.

    However: air shows scare me (a lot of things do actually). That one air show in Reno... that happened when I went to an air show as a small child... I saw a plane nose dive into the ground while doing a trick in the air. No one died except the pilot but it was very traumatic. Maybe I can catch Robosaurus at a monster truck event?

  6. Whoaaaa!!!! I would love to see that in person!!! My dad used to take us to see the Blue Angels at Moffett Field, but like Kristin above said, they kind of scare me with the accidents lately!

  7. have someone read this to you with your eyes close, can't stop laughing.


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