Monday, September 26, 2011


So I finally bit the bullet and stepped up to join the rest of the modern world. I upgraded to a smart phone.
I chose a Droid 3, since it was under $200, had a keyboard, and simply because I'm partial to the word "droid".  Though I'm fascinated about how this device lets me use the internet anywhere I want, part of me is a little sad.

My first phone, a simple silver flip phone, had a nice collection of phone charms (netsuke).
Kerons, Sasuke from Naruto, a fairy, a penguin, and a pair of broken jade flip flops.
My second phone (the Samsung Juke I'm now abandoning *sniff sniff*) had another respectable collection of netsuke.
Franz Ferdinand screen cleaner, Kerero, Kon from Bleach, an orange from Code Geass, a bracelet from a friend, Vivi  from FF, and more penguins.
There is no strap holder on the Droid phone.  Where will I put all the phone charms?!  Perhaps I could get a case with holes and attach charms to the case?

Anyway, now that I have upgraded, I'm going to make a not-quite-new year's resolution: I will use my mobile connection to be a better friend.  I will try to remember birthdays, comment on blogs more frequently, and respond faster. I will likely also need glasses from 24/7 screen time. Huuu.

Anyone else still living on voice plan only?  It wasn't so bad (Sak's still data-free), but I'm definitely seeing the appeal of a smartphone!  A good trade off for realizing one can no longer round their age down to 20.


  1. I am first of all honored that I was the 2nd person to know! Get ready for a slew of fun texts, photos and emails from yours truly! (Even from Prague, because lets be honest - it will happen.)

    I was so sad when they didn't have the hole for a chord anymore. Mostly because I was known for dropping my phone and that helped me keep it around my wrist!


  2. i just got a smartphone a couple of months ago because of verizon's change to their plans. i'm still getting used to mine. oh i hope you get to use your charms in some way!

  3. I've had a smartphone for about two years now and could not go back! It makes riding on the bus so much more bearable to be able to go on the Internet. Congrats on your new purchase :)

  4. You know, I bet you could pop off the back of the phone, where you'd go to take out the battery, and drill two tiny holes in it to slip your charms through. Of course that probably voids the warranty, but at least then you could keep using your super cute charms!

  5. Haha. The charms might interfere and even scratch your phone! Unless they're like soft ones I guess. Welcome to 2011, Penga! :oP

  6. I just upgraded to an iphone and it is fabulous! :) Hope you enjoy yours!

  7. I hope this helps!!! :)

  8. @chantal - OHHHH! That looks intriguing! Thanks for the link, I may just have to order one! :D

  9. Dave also recently got that phone after his iPhone bricked! I am hopelessly addicted to my iPhone, it's almost never out of my hand. Not even at night in bed. I too had to ditch my straps after the iPhone came - can they go on your keychain?


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