Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY Fall Wreath

So somehow I ended up at Joann's the other day and was lusting over the pretty fall wreath arrangements they had.  Sak was not too keen on buying one, but instead advocated that I make my own.  I think the motto now is, "if you want something frivolous, you at least have to work for it".  So I bought two leafy garlands ($5 each), a metal hoop (less than $2 with a 40% coupon) and a bit of wire ($2).

I drafted Penga-Sis into helping me, since she was in town.  We set to work attaching the first garland to the outermost metal ring.  Every few inches we tacked the garland down to the frame with the wire.
So happy to be helping her sister. Ha!
One garland done.
We fastened the second garland to the innermost metal loop, and then pulled leaves off and moved them around as necessary to get a somewhat even look.
Two garlands.
Then the fun part! Putting it on the door!

I definitely feel more legit now.  If only I could get some pumpkins, then we'd really be talking autumn!

A fun and easy project, and the cool part is that we can take these garlands off and replace them with a winter one later if we want!

And for more awesome door-wreath ideas, check out the recent projects of these ladies:
Morgan's candy wreath
Gator's yarn wreath


  1. Pretty! I almost broke down and bought one of those black feather wreaths from Joanne's until I remembered that I live across the street from a bar with high foot traffic. Long story short, my wreath would last about two days until it was stolen/maimed. Yours looks great! Very fall appropriate, and you can use it through thanksgiving to boot!

  2. Thanks for linking to me! I cannot wait to make my annual christmas wreath and this just got me so excited to do it!

    Love this wreath - but may I ask, what is the odd second door thing to the left of your photo?

  3. @gator - its the garage, actually! Super old barn door style :P

  4. Super cute! I can't wait to make a Christmas wreath this year!

  5. Great job! Love the way it looks against your front door.

  6. No pumpkins yet? Por que? I am itching to get a pumpkin if only for my desk - my mission this weekend! Your wreath looks great :)

  7. Well done! Making wreaths for our front door made me really happy each season. When I have more storage, I'm going to start again.

  8. It's so beautiful and professional looking!! I love fall!

  9. Great wreath! So glad your hubs encouraged you to DIY it, because it looks better than the ones you can buy from Michael's, for way less money!

  10. Super cute! I saw those garlands at AC Moore! I wanted to buy one even though I didn't really have a use for it... hehe. :-D

  11. so pretty! i love autumn colors. you did such a great job! mine would look like a dying plant.

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