Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY Pie Stencil

Interrupting the normally scheduled Asian Dessert Friday with a more seasonal sweet - pumpkin pie!

Yeah, I wouldn't get too excited either, it's just a cheapy one from Safeway.

But let's jazz the plain pie up!
Cut out a simple stencil and hold lightly over your pie.

Break out something powdery, be it sugar or cinnamon.
Sift onto the stencil!

And remove!
Pumpkin Pie Pac-man ghost stencil!

Tips from my mistakes:

- Use more powder for a good even coverage.
- Don't use powdered sugar on "wet" pies/cakes.  It..melts.  Cinnamon is probably a better choice.

Anyway, it's a fun, five minute way to jazz up a plain pie, and the ideas are limitless! You can print out words or pictures too for a more professional looking stencil as well!


  1. WHA! Who woulda thought some paper would do! :D

  2. This is a really cute idea! I love how all of your decorations go together :)


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