Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Psyduck Hat

So when I said I wasn't going to be big bird for Halloween, I kind of lied.  Though not the Sesame Street character, I am going to be a big, yellow, bird.  Specifically a duck with migraines.  Psyduck the Pokemon.
I haven't finished the dress yet, but I did the important part - the hat!  (Note - even if you're not into Pokemon, this totally works to make a "cozy" for any standard baseball cap.  You know your hats need cozy.)

This all came around when Sak remembered this old Deviant picture of an "emo psyduck kid" I did back in 2007 (so long ago!!).

"Hey, why don't we just do that for Halloween?"

Super effective! How did Sak do recreating my pose? :)

Starting with a hat, make a template of one of the hat-segments.  Sew six hat panels together.

The panels should fit nicely over the hat.

Next, do the same step with the hat bill, sewing together a "pocket" to place the bill into.

I made some eyeballs with white fabric, then got lazy and just drew the pupils on.

Sew onto the hat..

And also sew the bill to the yellow hat, reverse sides facing.

Then make some hair feathers.

Poke them into the center of the hat and sew the whole thing straight across.  All done!

Though my grandmother would be ashamed of me, totally cheating and not finishing up the undersides properly.
Painter's tape hemming!
To my credit, I do want to use my hat normally later, so I didn't want to permanently attach anything.

One cosplay Psyduck hat.
Extra duckish from the side.
"Psy Psy Psyyyyy!"
So Sak's costume is now done. It's not the most ornate costume in the world, but it'll work and we can totally run around conventions with these ball caps in the future.  Now I just need to finish my matching costume!


  1. you guys are so creative and crafty--love it!

  2. Very cute! Can't wait to see your costume!

  3. Awww that's super cute and such a pro looking hat!

  4. Awesome! Psyduck is my FAVORITE Pokemon as I often have a headache and run around complaining.


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