Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Party Invitations

It's October, whoo! That means it's time to send out the Halloween party invitations!

It's Pac-Man simple, but still cute and get's the point across. And by terribly-bad movies, Sak wants you to know we mean poorly-made/bad-acting/borderline comical horror movies. Not the kind that make you pee your pants in terror. I don't want people peeing on my couch.  Though I suppose it's possible there could be leakage due to laughing as well. I better get a couch cover.

Also, I'm not sure how I forgot to include the "costumes are mandatory" line either.  Maybe because I haven't even started my own costume yet! This will be a busy month.

Anyway, I'm emailing these out since Sak was too cheap to let me print them.  Boo.  Let me know if any of you local ladies would like to party-party, and I'll send you the uncensored version, haha.

And if you're hosting a Halloween party this year and need a silly free template, here's a version to use without my custom text:

Happy October!


  1. So cute! I love these invites. We are attending a wedding that day, so no Halloween party for us that weekend. I was bummed about it until a group of us decided to choreograph a dance to "Thriller" to surprise the bride and groom with (it's an Indian wedding - impromptu performances are expected). Can't wait to see your costume!

  2. how cute! which movies are you guys into? i'm looking for ideas for a halloween movie marathon that i'm going to impose on kevin.

    if i were in the bay area, i'd totally be waiving my hand up in the air for an invite!!!

  3. Super, super cute! (I'm biased, though: I tried making a Pacman jack-o-lantern last year with a little ghost!)

  4. Terrible horror movies are my FAVORITE. I could watch them all day long! Sounds like a fantastic party!

  5. @pug - hmm. in the past we've done nerdy thrillers like the cube, john cusack (room 1408 or something), the ring...subtitled in spanish! sharktopus and other stupid sci-fi low budget films..a lot of really weird stuff. if you have any suggestions let me know too! we're always looking for new stuff!

    @kim - so fun so fun!!! make sure you get your dance on video so you can post about it! :D

  6. @penga - 1408 is a great film, really scary!

    I love those invites, they look amazing. I'd never have thought a Pacman ghost could look so spooky! I love it.


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