Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Rat Cut-Out Silhouettes

And now, for a five minute Halloween craft: mouse/rat silhouettes!

Step 1: Don't tell your husband what you are doing.

I free-handed a mouse stencil, and just went to town.  Then I found out that Martha already has a free template. Bah. Too late.  But I would definitely use her mice. They are much more micey.

Step 2: Stick them all over the house.
Living room.  I still need to ditch that old floor lamp.
Air vent grate. I don't think this would be physically possible for a real mouse.
Den. Mice like pink carpet.
Step 3: Wait until he notices.

Unfortunately, this one did not receive as much "WHAT THE HECK" as the dungeon guardians did.  But I did get a suspicious raised eyebrow.  That will have to suffice.  We aren't really scared of rats, as we used to own two little girl-rats, Mango and Curry.  It's true what they say about pet rats - they really are like little dogs.  Friendly, playful and even trainable. Unfortunately rats don't have the longest lifespan. I miss them.  And I think the raised eyebrow was due in part to my not-so-subtle prodding that we need a new furry friend.     Someday he will cave! SOMEDAY!

Anyway, I'm really getting a slow start to all this Halloween party planning.  Hopefully this weekend I will catch up!

Do you have a pumpkin yet?  I don't!


  1. that's adorable. i would do that except the pugs would eat them, because they are predators of paper.

  2. So cute!

    And I bet you'd get more than a raised eyebrow if you just brought home some real rat pets! ;)

  3. So cute! I've seen these in Martha Stewart but didn't think they would look so good in our apartment, which is fully carpeted. But they look great in your pink man cave, so maybe I'll give them a shot after all :)

  4. Really cute! I've had rats as pets in the past, too. They were really smart and fun! Also, we're getting pumpkins this weekend, but we can't carve until a day or two before Halloween, otherwise they cave in on themselves in the AZ dryness. =(

  5. Too cute!! I didn't have rats, but did have hamsters as a kid, kinda close right? We don't have a pumpkin this year, but I'm hoping to do some next year.

  6. Cute! haha. I need to get a pumpkin!!!


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