Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Are we the only ones?
All for under $5! 
Haha.  Over time Sak and I have really come to be morning people.  We can't stay up past midnight anymore, and rarely sleep longer than 8 AM. Another sign of getting older, I guess.  But waking up with the sun really improves my mood.  Something about "not wasting the day" (even though I certainly do waste it quite often, conscious or not).

Saturday mornings have kind of evolved into our date-time as a result.  Plus it's the only time BIL isn't awake (he keeps vampire hours).  It's just kind of sweet to wake up next to your spouse and not have to rush off to work.  To roll out of bed and lazily enjoy the newness of the day, the dewy morning air, the annoying songs of our neighborhood Blue Jay, Buddy. Just the two of us.

Usually we'll get bagel sandwiches and relax at the library.  Other times it'll be breakfast burritos and a stroll through the San Francisco Zoo.  Or just pancakes at home with some reading material.

This particular Saturday was IKEA breakfast and some thrift store browsing.

A calm, hearty time for just being together. I love Saturday mornings.

What's your usual date-time?


  1. Your Saturday mornings sound great!

    I wish we could have regular time together but with Chris going to class and working on weekends it makes it difficult. We try and schedule date time whenever we get a chance, which I'm really looking forward to this weekend (a rare Saturday off for him)!

  2. My husband and I love to go to IKEA, have a cheap meal, and then browse around as a date. It's just far enough away from our house that we don't go often.

    Our typical date time is weekday afternoons. My husband works three on (a lot of times more), and then three off. His days off are hardly ever the weekends. It's kind of neat to be out on a date when so many people are in work and school. It's like everything was made especially for us.

  3. This is such a cute idea for a date! We don't have a particular time, but Sunday mornings are our "lazy" time where we can just relax and enjoy one another's company. We each work pretty regular schedules during the week, so we try to make the most of our weekends together.

  4. love the ikea date! our weekend morning routine consists of going to a bakery and the farmers market.

  5. We totally do the "hang out" kind of dates, too, but they're not very planned or regular. We probably should work on that a little! (And if we had an Ikea nearby, I'd totally love the Ikea date!)

  6. Haha - I looove ikea dates! Sometimes I even treat myself to a new ($2.99) frying pan.

  7. I love Saturday mornings too - so relaxing!! I've never eaten anything at IKEA, but I've always been curious.

  8. You guys are so cute. :) I Love Saturday mornings too!! I think we usually do like a Fri or Sat night as date night.

  9. I've only been to Ikea once and had no idea they served food! Love Kim :) she is too fabulous and her decorating and party ideas are so original ;)

  10. I love Saturday's too. We usually wake up pretty early since Dave wakes up at 6 AM and I wake up at 7 AM on the weekdays. We'll have breakfast (that's indulgence right there) and then do laundry and grocery shopping (we like to kill two birds with one stone since we have don't have machines in our building or a store within walking distance). We really really like Ikea dates too. I totally feel you on this post!


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