Thursday, October 6, 2011

Japan Photobooks

More than a year later...I finally finished our Japan honeymoon albums! (old recaps of that big trip here: xxxx)
I waited until I had obtained two Groupons for Blurb - each $45 dollars worth of Blurb for $20 dollars.

Then, I waited until the coupons had almost expired! Nothing like expiration motivation.
Front covers
Each book has about 270 pictures in it.  A total of 540 of my favorite shots!

Though I got the smallest size book (7x7), the pictures still look great in full bleed!

I don't really know why I broke the pictures up into two books. Probably because my coupons expired at different times. But I'm glad this long overdue project is finished!
Back covers
Now I can..what? Work on the wedding albums? Hahahahaha....

Married folk, have you finished up all your album and memory keepsakes yet?


  1. wow, those look great! totally reminds me that i should make some albums...

  2. Great-looking albums! We finished our wedding album a few months ago, and it was such a huge relief :)

  3. Your albums look great!! We lucked out that wedding albums were included in our package, but I've been dragging my feet on doing one with the honeymoon pictures. I need to get on that.

  4. I finished them long ago! haha. I went the Costco route and something not so... thick. Yours look like comic books!! HAHA!

  5. I keep putting of the albums *sigh* maybe this winter...

  6. Cute! This will be a fun way to remember your adventure forever. We have a small book for our wedding, but until my parents gave us a present of big portraits when they came to visit in September, we didn't have any physical pictures printed from our wedding!

  7. That's awesome!! They look great! I used blurb for my dad's 60th birthday photobook, I really liked the quality. I totally sat on our honeymoon photobook, but ended up slapping one together (like, literally, just threw a max of 5 pictures per day into a photobook -- also with a groupon) for Todd for our paper anniversary. =) Our actual wedding albums were done in time (barely) for Christmas, so that we could give one to our parents. And I finished our wedding/honeymoon scrapbook a few months ago. I'm glad I did, though, it feels great to finish!

  8. Those are beautiful! I need to get our wedding album printed badly - I have it made and everything, just not printed!

  9. Remember me? The month twin from Chicago. I have NOT started my wedding scrapbook yet!!! sigh!! maybe after we moved and settle down in the new condo. (I followed you on pinterest)


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