Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Shoujo: Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex (Love Com)
Anime Year: 2007
Made Me Cry: Yes
(via mokona-108 on deviantart)
Lovely Complex captured my heart just by the premise alone: tall girl and short boy fall in love.  Sounds like Sak and I!  Only Risa, the main character, is much taller than Otani (the guy), and not a bit chubby like uh..someone else I know.
I started reading the manga first, but found the anime to be just as good.  Risa is a serious weirdo, and makes funny faces and noises.  Otani is a bit irritable with a short-man complex, so between the two it's easy to see how I found the series relatable.
I love a good "old lady" face! (source)
Though it goes through the tried-and-true shoujo plots ("Oh, girl from past shows up - jealousy!" "Oh, we're locked in a closet all alone - tension!"), I think it's a very positive series overall.  Learning to love someone for who they are inside, rather than outside, is always a good thing.  And being with someone who makes you laugh and shares your hobbies is more important than whether or not you "look good together".  It definitely took me a while to get over those insecurities!
Bonding over shared interest! (source)
And for those not quite ready to make the jump into animation, there's also a live-action movie that's pretty good as well.

In short, I love this series because it is relatable, ridiculously funny, and drawn well.  A must-watch for anyone that's ever felt gigantic compared to her significant other.


  1. Aww, this loos really good. There is a huge height difference between the hubs and I, even though it's in the opposite way - I'm 5'2", he's 6'5"! And I look 100% Caucasian (even though I'm half Lebanese) and he is Indian. So yeah. We don't really "look good" together. But we love each other anyway, and that should be all that matters :) I'll have to check it out!


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