Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Shoujo

Shoujo, according to Wikipedia, "refers to anything of, for, or about school-age girls".

Shoujo anime is to me as soap operas are to ladies of my mother's generation.  They consist of predictable and over the top love stories, yet I can't help but love them.  Sometimes it's eye candy, other times it's the dramatic, "doki doki" (heart racing sound) feelings of first love - I can't get enough.

So whenever I get some alone time (Sak, understandably, isn't much game for shoujo), I'll marathon through a series, sobbing/laughing/yelling at the screen the whole way through. Back in my school days I'd watch with my girl pals, and that really does make for the best girly bonding, right? Drooling over animated men? I miss being able to do that. If someone wants to start a Bay Area Shoujo Anime Club, I will be your first member.

Though I know many of you won't find much interest, I'd like to start reviewing shoujo series (and also josei (for women) series too, though I'm just going to lump them all together for now).  Mostly for myself, but also because I feel that too much emphasis is placed on shonen (for guys) anime - like Naruto, Dragonball and Bleach.  Those shows are fine (I have a huge Ichigo crush), but there's more out there!
Like looooveee! lol. (source)
It pains me when women say they don't like anime - I think maybe they just haven't seen beyond the fighting tournaments and mecha robots.  There's more to anime than that! And it's made especially for you, females!  So consider this my public service towards the shoujo/josei industry. Ha!

To start, I'll follow up this post with a review of my absolute favorite shoujo series ever!


  1. My husband laughs are me when he catches me watching something he said is meant for "little girls."

    I'm down for bay area women's anime club.

  2. Haha. I hate the fighting tournaments and mecha robots so you're right, I tend to say I don't like Anime. One day, when I get more time than just popping on blogs between study breaks I will find some on Netflix!

  3. i haven't really watched much anime (i do remember a few graphically violent ones from over a decade ago), but i'd love to hear more about the ones you like!

  4. Ouran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't review Ouran I will be sad and pout. Pout pout pout!


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