Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cozy Autumn Mood

I'm about 800 words behind on my weekly NaNoWriMo goal so far, so I'll be playing catch up tonight.  They say it's good to have a reward to help you reach your 50k word goal, so if I finish on time, I'll do another give-away!  I've actually been sitting on another awesome Daiso prize for quite some time now, but since it doesn't look like I'll be hitting a 200 view/day kiriban anytime soon, novel-finishing will be a better goal!

But to get into a cozy, autumn writing mood, let's make a nice warm spaghetti squash salad.
Microwaved spaghetti squash mixed with olive oil, garlic, garlic salt, and plenty of basil!  Mmm.
Then we'll invite my new best friend to hang out, Mr. Heater.
Seriously, best investment ever made for someone too cheap to turn on the central heat.

And lastly, we'll don some cute footwear to keep the toes warm!
Thanks for the crazy shoes, Mom!
Warm, well-fed and comfy - perfect conditions for writing!

...or to take a nap. That sounds good too. :)

How do you get into a cozy Fall mood?


  1. Cute slippers! We're getting a spaghetti squash in our CSA box today - this sounds like a great, yummy salad :)

  2. oh my gosh those slippers would put a smile on anyone's face. and it is just coincidence that their yellow furry things are reminiscent of spaghetti squash?

  3. HA! We're cheap on the heat too! I'll wrap up in as many blankets as possible before I break down and turn on the heat. It's probably not smart, but I like seeing those lower bills. Plus it's Texas, it's not really that cold :)

  4. LOL those are pretty crazy shoes. :oP They're like... two pets!

  5. Aw, beeee slippers. You are adorable! LOVE me some spaghetti squash - it should put you in the writing mood :)


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