Monday, November 14, 2011

DIY Window Blankets

In the land of single-pane windows, I depend a lot on layers of clothes and Mr. Heater to keep me warm.  But the main culprit of heat loss is definitely the windows.
I looked up some cheap ideas for insulation, and am currently most intrigued by the idea of putting bubble wrap on the windows. Not the most attractive, I'm sure, but I bet it works.

But before we add on the bubbles, I wanted to first make sure I wouldn't have to look at it every day.  Imagine how tempting it would be - I'd just want to walk over and pop it!

So I thought I'd add some window blankets first.  I'm calling them blankets and not drapes because seriously, these are not worthy of being called drapes. I couldn't make any concrete design decisions on valences and all   other hardware related things, so I went as cheap and as quick as possible. Next winter I'll figure out drapes. Maybe.

I picked out some drapery fabric on the idea that "if it didn't work out, the fabric would be cute enough to use for something else."
Pretty nice, sturdy stuff for $3.98/yd.  Discount Fabric's got a discontinued fabric sale going on right now.

Sak cut it to the size of the windows in our room, and I sewed up the raw edges.

I added three ribbon strings to the top before sewing it completely, two on each end and one in the middle, so we'd be able to tie it onto the window.
We tied it to the top of the blinds.
And called it a day.
Though it definitely doesn't count as a drape, I kind of like it.  When the sun shines through, it almost seems like a screen rather than fabric.
Though it could just be a mind trick, I think the added fabric helps with the insulation as well.

Here's how they look at night. And no, we totally don't adhere to the "no media in the bedroom" recommendation.

Now I think I will have to follow Morgan's tutorial on how to attach the fabric to the blinds, "roman shade" style.  Then I'll add my bubble wrap, apologize to Sak for ultra-feminizing our room with pink flowers, and move on to the next room of windows in the house!

Do your windows keep you warm? And don't tell me about your brand new double-paned fancy glass unless you want me drooling on you with a jealous look in my eye.


  1. My hubby's friends that live in Bismarck, ND put saran wrap on their windows -- not directly onto their windows, but basically across the wall where the window sill is. This creates the same effect as your bubble wrap, I guess -- the air between the window and the saran wrap acts as the buffer between the inside and outside. If you can get it pulled taut and attach it to the window pane on the inside, that might be enough air buffer to still allow room for blinds/roman shades, too. But bubble wrap would be fun. =)

  2. I bought the massive IKEA shades (they're blue, cream, tan, ugly), cut them to size, and sew them up. One $15 pack has covered 6 windows. I get the $2 rods, hang them on and call it a day!

  3. Our apartment was built in 1912. While everything inside has been completely renovated, the original, single-paned wood sash windows remain. We freeze, so my husband dis the Saran wrap trick mentioned by another commenter. It seems to work! I like your window blankets!

  4. they're so pretty! hope they help keep you a little warmer.

  5. I love that fabric - it looks great!


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