Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Force

I definitely need that good stuff, considering I am currently battling the inevitable turn-of-the-season cold, trying to put together my application for the PE (oh yeah, that thing I was whining about delaying during wedding planning. Oopsies. Better late than never.), wondering where the heck I am going (hopefully no where) since our company just re-orged, and getting to the half way point for NaNoWriMo!  And if I needed some icing for that load of misery, I still haven't figured out Christmas cards, holiday plans, and all that jazz.  Go, super-Wednesday!

Well, to cheer you (me?) up, here's every mention of "the Force" in all the Star Wars movies:

Really though, life is still good, and things could be much worse.  It's just hard to keep a positive outlook when I can't breath and Aunt Flo comes for a visit.  Seriously, I was nearly sobbing today on the train thinking of how Sak and I wouldn't get to keep the promise we made to each other when we bought the house - that'd we'd adopt a pet for Christmas.  The day before that I was sobbing while reading an email from my college roomie about how awesome and hectic her life is with her toddler twin boys.  Normally other people's kids don't really "get" me emotionally, but I think it's just because I grew up with this girl! This could be me! Then I was sobbing again while reading this article about things a dad would miss once his kids got older on The Poop blog (Sak's favorite).

Anyway, emotional wreck.  Normally I don't want them, but nature likes to remind me once a month that yes, yes I do want them. Someday.  After we re-home BIL.  After we adopt our non-Christmas pet.  After I pass that darn PE.

Oh look, this is turning into one of those 30 before 30 lists! Ha. Sorry for the brain dump.  I wasn't going to blog today, but sometimes brain dumps are okay, right? Even when Flo is doing most of the talking? ;)

And just to squeeze one more nerdy video in, here's Robin Williams playing Zelda with his daughter..whose actual name is Zelda.  He rocks for that, seriously.


  1. aw, sounds like things are all kinda piling on right now--i've definitely had those times. sounds like you need a day off to just curl up at home. "re-home" BIL--hilarious.

  2. I agree on a day off! Hope things work themselves out (especially the re-org...I just went through one of those).

  3. OMG this is kind of completely off topic from what you wrote about but I am oh so excited about the Skyward Sword this weekend! I cancelled all of my plans for Sunday and I don't plan on leaving my living room (except to, you know, go pick it up)! :)

  4. {{HUGS}} FEEL BETTER! It shall too pass. :D


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