Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Leftovers! Wonton Ravioli

First, I discovered some hamburger patty meat in the back of our freezer.  It was really old, and a bit freezer burnt.
Rather than toss it out, I defrosted it, mulched it together and added some Italian seasoning.
Then I pulled out another leftover from the fridge - half a block of mozzarella.  I had run out of the tomatoes and basil I liked to snack on it with.
Then adding some leftover wonton skins, Sak and I sat down at the pasta factory station.

Wonton skins are quite versatile, so the plan was to make ravioli with them. Of course, I have no idea how to make ravioli, so I instead folded them up like wontons.

Bit of meat and cheese.
Some egg for glue.
Folded in half, with more egg dabbed onto the corners.
Folded up like it's hugging itself!

I have fond memories making wontons, though I think this is the first time I've ever made them myself.  Usually my grandmother would sit us grandkids down with a giant bowl of wonton filling and have us go to town. I'm still not very good at making them look nice.
Anyway, I stuck these in the fridge for a while, and brought them back out for dinner time.  I think the fridge time also helps give the skins time to really bond together.

Then simply boil them in a pot of water for a few minutes.
When they get a bit puffy and rise to the top, they are done.
Add some sauce!

They definitely exceeded my expectation (old, sad looking meat = low expectation), and I would definitely make these again. They were much heartier than the ravioli I've bought before in the store, probably due to the freshness (of everything except the meat, ha!).

However, if you are a firm believer that Italian noodles should be al dente, don't use wonton wrappers.  Wontons are really soft and "soggy", since they are meant to be eaten in soup.  I guess you could try and steam your ravioli instead of boil it, that might give it a little more of a chewy texture? Or you could just use the proper ravioli skin?

What filling do you like in your ravioli?


  1. I do not like wonton wrappers as ravioli noodles but I do love stuffing and frying them! I also run my wonton wrappers through my pasta maker to make them a bit thinner - this gives them a added level of crispiness that leave guests asking what the heck all those restaurants do wrong.

    (No seriously, Pete's brother asked that after tasting some of my stuffed & fried wontons Friday night!)

  2. Yum! This is a great idea! (And I am often put to work by my aunt whenever we go to her house for shabu-shabu, making wontons, and the extras are frozen and made as gyozas later on!)

  3. so resourceful, and they're cute to boot.

  4. This dish looks really good! I am hoping to make homemade pasta with my kitchenaid mixer one of these days... You've just reminded me to do that!

  5. I just made ravioli from wonton wrappers too! I just left them in for about 2 minutes, but my stuffing was cooked already. Really easy and I froze a bunch of leftovers for another easy meal. Love this!

  6. We've done this! I have a great bacon & swiss chard recipe that we love to make. Recently though, we started to use fresh lasagna noodles (come in big sheets at the store) instead of wonton wrappers. We cut the large sheets into squares and go from there. Solves the mushy noodle texture.

  7. Great use of left overs!! I've used those won ton wrappers for lasagna, filled them with sausage and ranch dressing and cheese, and also did some crab rangoons. Very versatile little wrappers!

  8. Yuuum - love homemade ravioli! The wonton idea is genius!


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