Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NaNoWriMo Win & Embosser Giveaway

As of last night at some ridiculous hour, I won NaNoWriMo with 50,009 words!

Though, I will most definitely never do it again, because it was brutal.  Why can't it be held in a less busy month, like January?  November is crazy, always.

Anyway, I learned quite a bit from the experience, such as:
  • My vocabulary is much smaller than I thought it was.  (Favorite repeats including "suddenly", "instinctively" and "hugged his body in all the right ways"... Just kidding.)
  • Outlines are important.  I didn't have any, and wrote as I went along.  Hence numerous plot-holes and characters suddenly (used it again) changing eye-color and what not.
  • One's family will begin to think one is having delusions of grandeur, resulting in ridicule.
Thanks Mom...
But it was fun!  And I can say I wrote a novel now, so that's cool.  In January I plan to clean it up and force some poor, unsuspecting soul to read it.  *cough* Sak *cough*.  (And for the record, the book is best categorized as "X-Men go to art school".  It's not fan-fiction, but it is a whole lot of silly superhero nonsense with a dollop of shoujo steam thrown in for good measure.)

Back to the point!  You didn't come here to hear me wax on about amateur writing! You want free stuff! Whee!

Up for grabs:

A Japanese paper embosser from my favorite store, Daiso!

I have one myself, and it's a lot of fun, simply snap the plates into the clamp...
And press some paper!

It's not as deep of an impression as my Cuttlebug, but it's a lot more portable and still super cute.  You could decorate love notes, gift cards, business cards, or even your monthly bill statements!

One entry per person. To enter:
Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite book genre is!
*Contest ends midnight PST, Wednesday December 7th and the winner will be announced Thursday the 8th based on a random number generator.  No special restrictions on location unless you live somewhere the postal people refuse to venture.


  1. I've always liked books with a fantasy slant to them, usually set in some sort of medieval era...magic, knights, etc. I also like historical fiction and biographies. And young adult books are quite the guilty pleasure. :) I like to read!

  2. Romance, but that goes all over the place. Romantic suspense, historical especially Regency, paranormal, inspirational, contemporary. Boy meets girl or girl meets boy, attraction, issues, working it out, happily ever after while fleeing criminals, boy is actually a shapeshifter or perhaps they both are, or have POWERS, no he is a vampire and she is his soulmate. But it all has to end with a HEA.

  3. It's the first day of Summer in Australia and I can't wait to spend some quality time on the beach over Christmas reading some trashy chick lit!

    Also, great job on the NaNoWriMo win!

  4. Wish I had learned about NaNoWriMo before the 27th of the month!

  5. I just wanted to say congrats on your NaNoWriMo win!! I don't read as much as I would like so I don't really have a favorite genre, I just read what the book club has picked, or popular books (that may or may not have movies out).

  6. Historical fiction (or non-fiction if its written well!) I'm a history class nerd :)


  7. Congrats on finishing! That's certainly an accomplishment to be proud of, even if there is some editing to do. My favorite genre is historical fiction, followed by straight fiction. The paper embosser is really cute :)

  8. Congrats on the novel! My sixth-grade teacher forced all of us to write one as a year-long project. As a result, I decided I was never going to do that again... although it is pretty hilarious to go back and read my mess of a mystery novel.

    My favorite genre is murder mystery. Love to read them, terrified to watch them as TV shows or movies!

  9. Congratulations on your novel!!! That's sooo awesome! I'm in total awe of you (even more)! =)

    My favorite genre is fantasy!

  10. Congrats, you did it! that's just superfabuloutastic!
    My favourite genre is... uh... ah... I like diversity!

  11. Congrats on your win! Lol, your mom is funny.

    I love adventure-mystery, with some science or sci-fi thrown in.

    I already own the embosser...

  12. Congrats on finishing! That's awesome! An item on Dave's bucket list is to write a novel. I really hope he gets the motivation to do that one day, like you. I already have these exact embossers so I'll let someone else have a chance :)

  13. LOL x-men go to art school. Congrats Penga!!

  14. Right now my favourite genre is Young Adult, which is what I wrote my NaNo in. Yay for a fellow winner/survivor!


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