Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh Looky!

Ooh, what have we here?
A surprise?
First time I've had one of these iconic blue boxes...
What's inside?

Aww. Yeah, I'm disappointed too.  I have finally succumbed to the eye-cage after 26 years of perfect vision. Genes! I have failed you with too much computer time!

Though honestly, it's not that bad. I have to wear them only for computer-time and for driving at night.  There's a very light prescription in the left eye, and no prescription for the right.  Which makes me seriously wonder why I didn't request a monocle. How awesome would that have been?!

Anyway, glasses on a Penga:

Obligatory froofy shot in my pink bathroom:

I like them, though I'm a bit sad that they don't sit exactly straight on my face.  It's not fault of the glasses mind you - I just don't have a straight face.
Genes! Why you give me crooked face!
I do think they make me look smarter though.  I totally buy into that stereotype.
This face KNOWS calculus! Haha!
But the best part is I can now freak Sak out with the sexy-glasses-office-lady-look.
Okay, maybe I need to work on it a bit.
Anyone else out there still retaining their perfect vision? If so, the glasses will get you eventually! (Yes, this is the bitterness talking.)


  1. You look great! Those frames are uber-chic :) I have to wear glasses for night driving only. As a result, I rarely ever drive at night!

  2. Love them! My mom used to always tell me that my glasses made me look intelligent, but I was first in line when I came of age and could wear contacts. Now, I wear my glasses to work when I want to be taken more seriously :)

  3. very nice! you look very smart-chic!

  4. Love the frames! I busted out laughing at your monocle line!

  5. I had no idea Tiffany made glasses! They're awesome. Can you get them adjusted to make up for your asymmetrical face? One of my ears is higher than the other and they just heated up one of the joints and bent it into shape.

  6. @mimi- ahh I had no idea! I will have to ask about that!

  7. I have glassed for the same reason. I LOVE your frames and the little blue box they came in doesn't hurt. Question: Does Tiffany make a monocle?

  8. You are beautiful - love the glasses!! I have a funny face, too so I always try to go with the little pads that I can finnagle so they fit right.

  9. LOL. You WOULD think of getting a monocle. :oP They're super cute glasses! I'm actually in the market for some so... maybe I'll have to check out Tiffany's! Are you sure there aren't some diamonds studded on the sides or something?

    I started wearing glasses when I was 4 so um... the fact that you have a "slightly prescription" in the left eye is NOTHING! :D

  10. ohh love the new specs!

  11. They look super cute! I wouldn't have noticed that they are the tiniest bit crooked if you hadn't mentioned... so don't bring it up again! :)

    At first I thought Sak got you a present. :P

  12. Wah! Your glasses are super cute! I agree, a monocle would've been cool too, but these look great on you! Sorry to hear about your eyes getting worse, I fear mine are too :(

  13. Those are so cute! And anything that comes in that pretty blue box is always fantastic!

  14. Ooo you've got that chic librarian look going on! I like it! The frames fit you beautifully! The skirt I am wearing today comes in 3 colours, purple/pink, green/brown, black/white. Hope you get it and I am excited to see how you'll style it ;)

  15. I looooove them!! Is that a Paloma "x" (or kiss) on the sides?? Super cute. I haven't had 20/20 vision without help since the 4th grade. And my eyes are ridiculously bad. Contacts are my savior, and glasses are fun sometimes, too.


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