Monday, November 7, 2011

Printable LOST Greeting Cards

Always late in the game, Sak and I recently finished watching LOST.   And as per usual, I was left with a sense of loss at the conclusion.  After spending so much time getting to know the characters, poof! suddenly it's all over and they're gone.  So depressing. (Not Harry Potter depressing, but more like Battlestar Galactica depressing.)

So I consoled myself with a bit of silly fan art.  Which I'm sharing with you in the form of printable greeting cards! Pass them along to your fellow LOST fans and let me know how they react!

(To print, click the link under the picture(s) of your choice.  It will take you to a PDF via Google Docs that you can print. Print out the picture onto an 8.5 x 11" paper and fold twice to make the card.)
 Hugo/Hurley Card  (Inside reads: "You rock my island!")
Link to printable PDF of Hurley Card here.
 Richard & Smoke Monster Card  (Inside reads: "You don't look a day older.")
Link to printable PDF of Richard/Smoke Monster Card here.

Ben Linus Card  (Inside reads: "My sincere apologies")
Link to printable PDF of Ben Card here.
Locke Card  (Inside reads: "Best of luck! You can do it!")
Link to printable PDF of Locke Card here.

*These are free to use for personal use only*

I sent the birthday card to my buddy E, who painstakingly allowed me to talk about LOST everyday, even though it's an old show and it had been over a year since he watched it "real time"!

Now, what old show should we tackle next? :)


  1. These are so cute! I haven't watched the show, but I know what you mean about being late to the game... I've done that with Harry Potter, House and most recently Felicity (all episodes are on Netflix streaming = obsession)! I'll probably also do this with True Blood and Ally McBeal ;)

  2. Those are so cool!! The ending wasn't that great for us, but those cards are really cute!

  3. These are AMAZING. I am going to go tell everyone I know about them.

  4. so cute! i can't believe you just whip these things up.

  5. LOL. Make BSG cards!!! :oP

    And I echo levenderpug!!


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