Friday, November 4, 2011

Umai! : Dan Tat

If I had to pick one family of desserts to be my favorite, I'd probably have to choose custards.  I love the creamy, sweet texture more than anything!  Creme brulee, flan, you name it, I'll eat it.

Dan tat, a Chinese egg custard, holds a special place in my heart.  I always ate them as a kid, pretending that they were baby pies just for me.  You can find them at any Chinese bakery, and though sometimes they come in normal-pie size, they are usually small and bite-size!

My favorite way to eat them is when they are super fresh and slightly warm.  I'll pop them right out of the tin and straight into my mouth!

Or, I'll pretend I'm a fairy and cut myself a little tart slice.
Actually that's still kinda big for a fairy.
But this time they ripped me off with the custard. Look at this big air gap!


Anyway, apparently these are pretty easy to make since they don't involve water bath baking like creme brulee or flan, so I may try and make some for Thanksgiving. I wonder if I can find small tins somewhere, or will I just have to eat a bunch of dan tat and save the tins? :)

Are you a custard fan?

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  1. my good friend *loves* getting these at dim sum, so i have a soft spot for them (i go for the sesame balls).

  2. You know how to make dan tah??? I love it, this is probably my #1 favorite pastry, and yes just like you as a kid, I loved them especially the baby ones from dimsum :)

  3. I looooove custards! I just had flan last night! (I have to also say that I am like Pug in that I love the sesame balls, too!)

  4. "pretending that they were baby pies just for me" and "I'll pretend I'm a fairy and cut myself a little tart slice." ---- you're heeeeelarious. :oP

    Oh! Have you tried Daiso? I feel like they would have little tins. Or like Ranch or Sunset Super and look in the "supplies" section. I randomly bought a spool of string yesterday. For crafts I told myself. I hope the $1.09 spent was a good deal... o_O

  5. This is my go-to dim sum dessert - I like these much better than the sesame rice balls, though those aren't so bad either!

  6. The tins are really easy to find, I saw them at Walmart last year and I know I've seen them at our grocer, too. I'm not the biggest custard fan but I think I'll try to give this one a try - recipe and directions please!

  7. I absolutely have to have one to complete my meal at dim sum. Just isn't right without it... warm and flaky crust. *drool*

  8. Oh, I love everything custardy. And I am appalled at the air gap. D:

  9. There are so many Chinese bakeries around these parts, but I never know what to order.. keep the suggestions coming and maybe one day I'll be brave enough to go in and try some!

  10. Yummm, I love dantat. Boo for the air bubble though!!


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