Friday, November 11, 2011

Umai! : Japanese Choco

Well, no dessert cooking trials for me this week since we got a box of Japanese chocolates in the mail.

We don't know why Sak's parents decided to send us chocos, but my guess is that it's a "sorry-BIL's-still-living-with-you" gift.  Peace offering? Ha... Well, I will say that they do know both our weaknesses well. Me = something I can eat.  Sak = chocolate.

Anyway, I really like Japanese chocolates because they are not nearly as sweet as your standard Hershey's bar.  I can eat a whole lot more of these types in one sitting before feeling sick.  I guess that could be a bad thing too!

And, to celebrate Pocky Day (today! 11-11!), we've got some Salty Pocky. I think it's a new flavor?

Because nothing says Asian quite like added sodium.
I spy hypertension in our futures.

Salty pocky was really good though.  I wonder if I could just dip a normal Pocky stick in salt and save myself the trouble of finding it again?

And obviously more important than Pocky Day, it is also Veterans Day.  Thank you vets for your service and for helping keep us safe here! May you enjoy plenty of Pocky today!


  1. Happy Pocky Day! I love the combination of chocolate and salt - those look delicious :)

  2. I'm not much of a chocolate person but i loved the pocky sticks from your hometown reception and the added salt has me completely sold!

  3. Happy Pocky Day! I am going in search of Pocky today. Salty sounds nice :)

  4. "sorry-BIL's-still-living-with-you" gift. Peace offering?"


  5. I like how you justify yourself with the fact that it doesn't make you sick. you are silly.


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