Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Arare Chex Mix

One of my absolute favorite snack foods is arare, or rice crackers.  I especially love the super soy-sauce drenched kind they only make in Hawaii.

So when I found a recipe for makeshift arare in our church cookbook, I had to try it!  It uses rice Chex cereal as a base, which is perfect!

Other ingredients are: oil (it called for veggie oil but I only had olive on hand), soy sauce, corn syrup, furikake (I used plain salt and nori kind), sugar and butter.  Here's a very close recipe I found online, though ours didn't include corn Chex.

Melting the butter and mixing up the ingredients was pretty nasty.  Butter and soy sauce don't normally go together!

Pour the sauce over the cereal...
And mix it together with the furikake!

Then we toasted the cereal in the oven at a low heat for an hour.  Every fifteen minutes we'd take it out and mix it up again to keep it even.

All done!

This stuff is seriously addicting.  Salty and sweet and crunchy! Yum!  We made a batch at Thanksgiving, and since it makes such good party food, we'll be making more for Christmas I'm sure!

Do you have a favorite Chex cereal recipe? I have one more box to use up!


  1. I'm totally going to have to try this!! Thanks for the link! My favorite Chex recipe is a classic: Muddy Buddies. I use Rice Chex for them. It's kind of funny this comes up today because yesterday at the store, I found that Chex has packs of pre-made Muddy Buddies (but w/Corn Chex) at the store! Can't be the same, though, as making it fresh at home. =)

  2. Starring this! Right up my alley. Sounds so yummy!

  3. Nom nom - love Chex Mix, and I have a huge jar of nori furikake that I love to dump on my rice. This snack looks amazing :)

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! MUST. MAKE. NOW! Tim made regular classic chex mix last week. But this, this we must do!! (Esp since we have a ton of Chex Mix left over!)

  5. how savory and delicious does that sound--yum!

  6. sweet and salty- I'm in!

  7. Someone is heading to the asian market in about 2 hours just to buy ALL THE THINGS to make this. Looks delicious and addicting! PERFECT.

  8. This sounds pretty amazing! I love chex mix in any form!

  9. holy crap! I must have it! I must I must I must. I am for real making this. Thanks for sharing.


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