Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bee Ornaments

Since it's the last day of December (already!), I figure I should post my little bit of the Weddingbee blogger ornament swap.

Here's one I made out of clay for Bunny:
I'm still not that good with clay, as evidenced by my fingerprints all over it.  Do people normally wear gloves while sculpting? Originally I tried to make one true to her actual bee icon, but in the end, chibi-forms are the only thing that works for me. As long as it's cute, right? Also, to make the ears stick, I put little pieces of wire in each to press into the   head.  Works quite well!

And here's the super cute sewing machine I received from Frenchie!
I always feel bad for those that draw my name, seeing as sewing machines aren't the easiest things to find/make ornaments of! But both Frenchie and Cardigan (from last year!) did such a great job. I'm super impressed!

Now, to hunt for a "our new home" ornament, since this was the first Christmas-season in our house! I'm not the only one that buys ornaments on sale after Christmas, right?


  1. Cute Bunny, and the Sewing Machine is adorable, too. I've already purchased a bunch of ornaments for next year, much to the dismay of my husband, who thinks we don't have room to store things that take up tons of space and only get used one month of the year :P Happy New Year!

  2. The bunny is SO CUTE! Especially the nose! I should visit WB sometime... it's been awhile!

  3. You did a great job on the bunny! I had problems with keeping my fingerprints off of the ornament that I made of our cake.

  4. that bunny ornament is too cute. and great job to frenchie!


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