Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cookies are for Christmas

Every year, Sak and I send packages of Californian food to his aunts, uncles and grandmothers in Hawaii.  And by "Californian" food, I mean Trader Joe's.  If there's one way to put a smile on a local's face, its TJ's.  I have no idea why. But for the sake of my future present-giving-possibilities, I hope they never ever, ever put a TJ's on the islands.

Anyway, as we were checking out with a cart full of pistachios, dried meats, cranberry butter, candy cane Joe-Joes and the like, the checker leaned over and whispered to us, "If you really want to blow their minds, try the cookie butter!"


Anyway, Sak said we had to try it first before we send unknown food items over, so here we are with a jar of cookie butter.

Yes, do you read that? It's made from crushed biscuits.

The taste was instantly nostalgic.  Like when I was little and had graham crackers.  And I'd eat a graham cracker, chewing it until it was nothing but saliva-paste.  Then you'd undoubtedly stick your tongue out and and show someone before swallowing it.  You know what I mean?

Well, cookie butter tastes like creamed up graham crackers.  Not a bad thing at all.
Though I need to find the perfect thing to pair it with. Bread just isn't really cutting it.  The jar suggested a waffle, which I could totally get on board with.

Anyway, if you like graham crackers and don't like to chew, cookie butter is for you!

And in other cookie news, I made some of Sak's favorite Italian Meatball cookies from Allrecipes.  They aren't overly sweet, and include just about every holiday-esque spice imaginably! Christmas in a little chocolate ball!

I think I eat ten times the amount of cookies in December than in any other month.  What about you?


  1. I really want to start making cookies vs my current process of buying the break aparts and calling it a day. Hopefully that will change once we move and our mixer is finally unpacked.

  2. Cookie butter! That looks amazing. Yes, I have eaten my share and more of cookies this month!

  3. when i lived in canada i'd always come back from the us with a giant tj chocolate bar :)

    merry christmas saka!

  4. Ohhhhh man, what an awesome find! Did I ever tell you that Dave doesn't like sweets? Not cookies, not ice cream, not cake. The only thing from TJs he likes is licorice Scottie dogs. So anyway, I bought egg nog cookies from TJs and I almost ate the whole box by myself. I've avoided the holiday sweets in TJs ever since, because I know that I'll be the only one to enjoy whatever I find and THAT is a dangerous road to go down. Long story short... yummmm and droooool!

  5. Mmmm I love spekuloos!! There's a waffle truck around here that uses it liberally!


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