Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Shoujo: Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight
Anime Year: 2008
Vampire Knight, as the name suggests, is not your typical shoujo (i.e. normal highschoolers doin' the high school thing). It most definitely involves vampires and most definitely is made for women.  *Cough* Women like me...
(source) Doki doki!
Yuuki, the heroine, is your average female high school student, only she's tasked with keeping the vampy students (night class) and the normal students (day class) safely away from each other.  It's more a dramatic, brooding anime rather than the rom-coms I tend to favor, but I still ended up blasting through all 26 episodes.
(source) Day students in blue, Night class in white.
Anyway, Yuuki's got a thing for head vampy Kaname ever since he saved her life as a little girl.  To make things interesting, Zero, vampire hunter with problems of his own, happens to have a thing for Yuuki.  Can he ever get out of the friendzone?  That is the question!
(source) Zero, Yuuki and Kaname!
I liked the series quite a bit.  Mostly in the same way I like Twilight and True Blood.  Sometimes you just need a hot guy sucking on your neck. Ha!
But I will say that the hint of incest thrown in unsettled me.  I don't know what it is but there are a good number of anime where incest or almost-incest ("oh, we've lived together for the past 18 years as siblings - but guess what! I'm not really your sister!") is a theme.  Sometimes a perfectly acceptable theme. Ick. 

But, hot vampires? Yes please. And I just love the series opening songs by On/Off

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