Thursday, January 19, 2012

Origami New Year's Dragon

Since we made some 2011 origami bunnies last year, I thought we'd try it again since it's now the year of the dragon!
We used these instructions, which were a little difficult but I could sort of do it (Sak had to help me with the mouth part).
We made eight of them on my favorite mon patterned origami paper, and I stuck them on some washi paper and framed them!
I think maybe I'll make this a tradition, and change out the frame each year with new origami?
They kind of look like bird-snakes, but that's sort of what a dragon is anyway, right?
Eventually I'd like to make this wall in our dining room a gallery picture wall, but as you can see it's not happening all too quickly.

Anyone year of the dragon?


  1. Oh man, I love the idea of making one each of all 12 Chinese Zodiac signs and switching them out every year!! I'm a Ram/Sheep. But our baby will be Dragon, so I might have to try out these instructions!

  2. How fun! This is a great yearly project. I love how your dragons turned out :)

  3. I love the idea of swapping them out every year with the new origami!


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