Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PCB Conversation

Just a look into a typical conversation between engineers...

Penga finds a cool shirt and emails it to Sak and Friend E.
Penga: I might need to buy this...

Friend E: Oh yes...I'm definitely getting one.

Sak: This is not a properly laid out design...This isn't even an improperly laid out design...Must have been done by a CS [computer science] major :P


Friend E: Those silly CS majors and their shenanigans...they should stick to software. Assume it's not using high frequency and it's fine =P

I'm gonna mod it to have an LED for when I want to blow up planets!

Sak: This falls under the same category as a movie that shows people driving across the golden gate bridge to go from SF to Oakland. No self respecting bay area resident can accept that...

However it's not like I can wear t-shirts to work so I suppose it's ok.

Friend E: It's obviously using QFNs on the other side, those are all blind vias.

Sak: Of course. All that extra routing is either:

1. an RF antenna
2. a radio harvesting circuit for power

"cleverly designed" to look like a deathstar...

Friend E: It's for heat dissipation. That's why it glows...

In the end, I'm the only one who bought one, even though I have nothing to do with printed circuit boards (PCBs) whatsoever. That's what happen when one spends too much time analyzing and explaining things rather than getting things done before the deadline (one of those daily tee deals).  Mmm-hmmm.  Maybe I'll wear it as a lucky-shirt to the Professional Engineer exam in April.


  1. naturally i didn't understand most of that, but most importantly, i'm glad you go the shirt!

  2. Too funny! Though if it really is like the "Golden Gate Bridge to Oakland" thing, Sak may have a point...

  3. Hey! CS Major over here! =D But lol, Todd is EE and we've had plenty of... discussions... like this over things just as silly. AWESOME shirt! I'm glad you got it!

  4. ROFL! Us programmers have the same conversations about engineers! =)

  5. "Sak: This falls under the same category as a movie that shows people driving across the golden gate bridge to go from SF to Oakland. No self respecting bay area resident can accept that..."



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