Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Shoujo: Miracle Train

Miracle Train
Anime Year: 2009

Miracle Train is not an anime for the anime-novice. It's out there. It's definitely out there. But at the same time it is pretty awesome. And even informative!
The premise is simple: it's a reverse-harem type where the men are different Tokyo train stations.  Yep.  I think the whole anime may just be a giant fan-girl commercial for the Oedo train line, but hey, that's advertising done right in my opinion.

The station-men help troubled women that magically end up on their magical train. What nice guys! They also provide background on the areas they represent, which is probably the highlight of the whole show. Oh, and also the train dog, Tokugawa!

Throughout most of the show (it's a short one - only 13 episodes), there isn't too much of a plot.  There's light humor and happy endings.  They throw in a bit more drama in the last few episodes though, dealing with the magic of the train itself, so it's worth watching to the end!
Mysterious naked man!

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