Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This past weekend we went down to Monterey for my grandfather's 90th birthday. Ninety! That's an amazing number.
It was also my grandparent's 59th wedding anniversary. Our family is so very blessed to have such a good example of loving, faithful marriage. I think we all hope we're blessed with Gung Gung's good aging genes too! Ha!

Anyway, like all our family parties, the food was amazing and in no short supply.  All the family members brought something to the table, and it was all so tasty! Sak and I brought shrimp spring rolls from CD Bakery in San Jose.

And just as formidable was the dessert table! My aunt made her amazing famous cookies again (chocolate dipped almond was my favorite). Mmm.

Stuffed dates! I couldn't eat them though because they reminded me of that scene with the monkey in Indiana Jones.  Sad.
We sang some of my grandparent's favorite hymns...
And listened to some of their favorite Bible passages..
And then us grandkids did this little acrostic thing that Gung Gung always had us do when we were younger.  Spell something out letter by letter, with a word and a verse to go with each letter! This time we spelled out their names, with verses that reminded us of them.  We always grumble about having to read things aloud in front of everyone, but it is a pretty interesting "tradition".
I had to dig this picture out to prove it - we've been doing these a long time!
Actually I don't look all that different (middle with the weird collar). But I was taller than my bro (to the right) at the time!
Anyway, 90 and 59 are just amazing numbers for a birthday and anniversary, respectively!  I hope they have many more!

(photos mostly by penga-mom)


  1. Wow, 90!! And 59 years!! That's really amazing and heartwarming. <3 How wonderful that so much family got together to celebrate!

  2. That's awesome! Happy birthday gung gung!! :) But this was a bad post to read right before lunch.... ahhhh roast duck. :oP

  3. Beautiful! The food looks amazing, and I'm sure your grandfather loved that you kept up with this tradition :)

  4. 90 and 59 truly are astounding numbers and no easy feat! Happy birthday to your grandpa and Happy Anniversary to your grandparents!

    The food spread has me drooling over here!

  5. Happy birthday you your grandfather and happy anniversary to your grandparents!

  6. Awwwww how sweet! It's really hard to imagine my marriage in 50 years. I'm sure your grandparents have been through a lot together. It's such an inspiration to hear about him! Sounds like you have a lot of fun at your family celebrations, it's nice to have traditions.

  7. You're right about that good aging gene - he looks much younger than 90! I loved this, it reminded me of our family's gatherings. Food and family are such a blessing.


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