Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY Felt Heart Pouch

Just more playing with felt, which I've decided isn't so bad as long as there's minimal hot-glue involved.

Two felt panels, one a little shorter than the first...
I used some zig-zagging because it's fun. :P
Then, a button on the shorter panel!
Totally not good button form, I just cut a small slit in the other panel for a button-hole. Cheap felt's not so durable anyway.
Next, I machine blanket-stitched a pink ribbon to the back panel. The ribbon-end didn't come out too pretty though since there was a lot of fraying going on with the ribbon.
And some "fun with the sewing machine", I used one of those not-often-used embroidery stitches on the front panel!
Add a heart for Valentine's Day...
Sew the panels together with blanket-stitch and you're done!
My blanket-stitch still isn't the cleanest.  Needs more practice!
Fits a smudgy cell phone, haha.

I think I will fill this pouch with candy and send it to Penga-Sis for V-Day.  Though maybe I should have made it black instead of pink.  She's really not much of a pink fan. :P


By the way, please check out the link tab at the top of the site and make sure you're in there! (And that I linked everything correctly..) It's an opt-in list, so if you're not there and would like to be let me know anytime!

Also, I added a project tab as well so hopefully that makes it easier to find things around here. Maybe. Ha!


  1. that is so cute! love the butterfly stitch (or whatever that is).

  2. The pouch is so cute! I love the butterfly stitch :)

  3. The embroidery stitch is AWESOME! It makes anything look good!! :D

    Maybe you should prize away this pink one to your readers and make Penga-sis a black one! With red stitching?! (It looks cool in my head... Like your wedding colors. haha.)

  4. I love that stitch! I am still staring at my new sewing machine, still in its box. One of these days I will have the courage to open it...

  5. Super cute pouch! And yay for being on the links page! You sure have readers from all over the place! =)

  6. so so cute. great work. You make it look so easy.


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