Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Throw Pillow Cover

In a small effort to reduce the amount of hoarded fabric lying about the house, I picked up two couch pillows from Ross.  Typically I find that buying pillows from Ross is cheaper than buying pillow-forms from the craft store.

Some pretty sakura fabric from Daiso to the right:

After measuring one of the pillows (18" x18"), I cut out three pieces of fabric, one 19" x 19", and two 19" x 12".
Sew up any troublesome unruly edges...
And then place all three pieces together in a sandwich (with right fabric sides facing each other). The square piece on the bottom, followed by the two rectangles.  The rectangles should overlap. Pin the entire square in place.
Three layers in the middle!
Last easy step - sew around the entire square! Then reverse - one pillowcase!

The moment of truth - stick the pillow in to see if it fits!
And the back:
I love pocket-type pillow itchy scratchy zippers to get in the way! And because there was some overlap with the two rectangle fabric panels, the whole pillow is still completely covered.
Two pillows later..
Yeah, that blue throw blanket might have to go. At least these new pillow covers will match our rug..eventually. Haha!
Yay! Pillows!

How many pillows are you supposed to have on a couch anyway? I kind of want to make more. How many pillows do you have on your couch?


  1. Love them! We have a giant sectional, but we have 8 throw pillows, haha. And I'm pretty sure we could go for a few more. I love tons of pillows on my couch!

  2. These are great! We have no pillows on our couch, since I'm still trying to find the perfect ones. I'm not sure how many you are supposed to have, but I tend to think that more is better (the hubs disagrees . . .)

  3. Such a great idea to get the pillows that you want! We only had a couple of throw pillows on our old couch, but I always wanted to pick up some more since the dog usually would hog them.

  4. I've always wanted to make everything in my house out of jersey fabric. I think it would be wonderful to have jersey pillows, oh so comfy!

  5. Love these!! I never thought to look for pillows at Ross instead of just getting them at craft stores, that's genius! We recently got a pretty big sectional, and it came with 6 or 7 pillows, plus we bought a yellow pillow at Target. We'd like another, but haven't found another we like yet. We do have the mushroom plushie we got from a certain someone, though! =)

  6. Oh, the magical things you do when you come out of Daiso! I have some throw pillows that are in desperate need of a makeover, but I don't have a sewing machine :(

  7. Love that fabric, it made some very cute pillows! I just made some pillow covers myself! Now I want to keep making more and more. So far, I have 6 pillows on my couch and one on each of the two side chairs. Two of the couch pillows are getting worn out so there is my excuse to make some more ;)

  8. Hi there, thanks for the wonderful tut! I followed it and my slip covers turned out beautifully. I gave you credit on my blog (

    All the best ~LM


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