Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finish What You Start

One of the reasons I like blogging is because it pushes me to do things.  To try things, to make things. Since I've started blogging, I've done so many new things - and more importantly - finished them! That's definitely something I enjoy. And there's nothing so unsatisfying than never getting to see a blogger's finished product! I think without the blog I'd also be much more prone to sitting around watching anime/tv and doing nothing.    Of course, there is a line between productive and obsessive.  But as long as the process of making things with Sak still involves laughter and ridiculous victory dances, I think we're okay. Hopefully.

That said and all, I have an unhealthy amount of half-finished projects lying about the house. Come on magic blog, help me finish them!
Cross-stitch Afro Gunsou.  Been sitting around for three years now.
Backside of a very fun crochet project.  Been working on for two years now
A bit over 1/14th of the way done! Yaay, rug!
An attempt at actual, normal, clothes for once.
This would be faster if I didn't have to buy one board of balsa wood at a time (40% off coupons *sigh*).
More sushi pillows. 
Do you have a lot of unfinished projects lying around too?


  1. The rug is coming along great! I don't have unfinished projects, but I have a ton I want to do that I haven't even started yet, so you are a step ahead of me :)

  2. I love how the rug is coming along!! I actually have a project that I purchased all but one item for and I need to get on the ball to get it finished (or really even started).

  3. I have a ton, mostly half (or less) done cross-stitches. I'd put them on hold when a friend was having a baby to work on their cross-stitch. But for some reason, even with only 3-6 weeks left before MY baby is here, I can't even finish my own!! I also have a crochet pillow case that's stuck, my scrapbooking has halted at November 2011, ughhh!! This baby is already putting a damper on my crafting! =)

    I LOVE how the rug is turning out!! And I'm curious what the crochet project is!

  4. Ahhh props to you on at least starting though. Here's to hoping you have some free time in the future to finish these projects!

  5. oh.. I love seeing updates of the rug! I have an unhealthy number of incomplete projects too. It's an illness for me.

  6. you gotta figure that for the number of projects that you do finish (which are a lot judging from this blog), there are always going to be a few that linger for a bit. you're so creative! and the rug is shaping up wonderfully.

  7. I find unfinished projects to be so stressful... I literally put them in the guest room and shut the door. Good thing ST is so patient with me. I want to see the clothes you're making ;-)

  8. What are the blue boards for?

  9. Is that a latch hook rug?? I looooved doing latch hook - I should do it again.... :)


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