Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Chocolate (Attempt 1)

In Japan there are two types of chocolate women give men on Valentine's Day: honmei choco for the one they love, and giri chocolate (obligation!) for everyone else.

Honmei chocolate should be high-quality, or even better - home made!  Sak loves chocolate, so I thought maybe instead of buying him candy this year I would make some!

Unfortunately there were surprisingly few sites I could find in English that dealt with making chocolate candy.  Rather than "melt a bar down and stick it in a mold" or "grind your own beans" - I was looking for something that involved taking baking chocolate and turning it into a chocolate bar?  A chocolatier I am not.

Anyway, with Penga-Sis over for the weekend, we decided to just wing it and see what happened.

First, we melted down some Ghiradelli 60% chocolate chips. If all else failed, Sak would easily eat these straight out of the bag.  To melt, we put a ceramic bowl atop a boiling pot of water as a make-shift double boiler.
Then we added a little sweetened condensed milk to taste.  About a teaspoon only since Sak doesn't like his chocolate too sweet.
Then we poured it into a heart mold I got from Daiso.

Since there was still a bit left over, we also poured some into cookie cutters (parchment paper underneath).
And into an ice cube tray (we added peanut butter too).

Then we let it cool at room temperature for a few hours.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten one important thing.  How do we get the chocolate out of the mold?
It was seriously stuck in there. Never coming out. Ugh.

Thus attempt #1 was a fail, and the only chocolates that even sort-of came out were the cookie cutter pieces.
But even they are kind of lumpy looking!

So do I add some sort of grease to the molds? That sounds kind of greasy... Or do I buy a silicone or plastic mold that can bend?

Have you "made" chocolate before? Do you have any tips?


  1. i've never dabbled with this craft, but i'm sure there are lots of tips other people can provide.

  2. That's a tricky one... Maybe try vegetable spray that you can wipe off the chocolates after they pop out? Let us know whet works for you!

  3. You can buy candy molds at Hobby Lobby or Michael's - they work perfectly! Good luck :))

  4. You did a much better job than I would have! I'm so not creative at all when it comes to food.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Aww this is cute :) Now that I'm not in Japan anymore, I definitely consider Valentine's day here as my "get out of jail free" pass. I never made chocolate for Dave (only bought) so I have no advice... knowing you though, you'll try until you get it right! I've seen posts about making truffles, though, that look infinitely easier because they involve saran wrap and rolling little balls a la I Love Lucy! The question is though, will Sak buy you chocolate on White Day? :)

  6. When we made chocolates for our wedding we went with the plastic molds so that we could pop the pieces out. Good luck if you attempt again before next Tuesday!

  7. Mmm... I was thinking some spray might work. Did you try smacking it really hard? But good effort! :D

  8. Hmmm, I'm really not sure what to do! Maybe some butter flavored Pam spray would work, and then you could just wipe it off the chocolates after you take them out of the mold?

  9. Try sticking the molds in the freezer. Hopefully the chocolate will contract, making extracting it from the mold a little easier. I sure spraying the mold with Pam would help, too. Otherwise there's always truffles, which are very easy to make. Smitten Kitchen has a recipe for Irish Whiskey flavored ganache that is amazing! (It's what the cupcakes are filled with).

  10. I don't have any suggestions for getting the chocolate out of the molds, but here's a video showing how to make homemade chocolate ^_^.

    It looked pretty simple, but I'm not sure how it tastes.

  11. I've only made (toffee or peppermint) bark...from melted Dove dark chocolate candy; taste good looks awful. I've heard the tip that you aren't suppose to use chips because there is added stablizier, so the chips keep their shape. That's why my bark was lumpy/ugly, the candy didn't melt smooth.

  12. Perhaps your chocolate didn't set right because the chocolate wasn't tempered to the right temperature? You may find these links useful:


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