Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Chocolate (Attempt 2)

(Here for Valentine's Chocolate Attempt 1)

In my quest to make Sak some Valentine's chocolate, I picked up some silicone baking cups from Daiso.  I think they are meant for small cupcakes or something, but they looked like a peanut butter cup to me.
Like last time, I set up a make-shift double boiler and melted my chocolate chips.  Thanks to all your wonderful comments and suggestions, I think it would have been better had I shaved a bar of baking choco or something instead of chips, but I had to use up what I already had. :)

This time I lightly greased the metal heart tin with veggie oil.

Also I decided to get "creative" and crushed up some rice Chex to put inside some of the chocolates.

And I melted down some white chocolate chips I had around too.  White chocolate did not melt nearly as well as the dark chocolate.  Maybe because it's not really chocolate?
Anyway, I filled up all the cups and let it all cool.

But alas! Once again the chocolate would not come out of the metal heart mold.  So I stuck it in the freezer.  And tah-dah! worked.  But I think I left it in the freezer TOO long (over 30 min), because one of them cracked when I whacked the tin on the table to dislodge them.

(The silicone molds were like a dream though, absolutely no sticking, and easy to clean too!)

But otherwise, not bad!
The mixed white-dark choco ones were the tastiest!
Sak approved.  He especially liked the ones with crunchy rice Chex inside.

They aren't the cutest chocolates ever, but I did try hard to make these honmei chocos for my husband, and that's what counts!

White Day is coming up faster than you think, Sak.

Did you get something sweet for V-Day?


  1. Mmm, the ones with Rice Chex sound good! I love Crunch bars. =)

  2. success! i agree that the chocolate with the chex sounds really good.

  3. Chocolate with chex - it's like a crunch bar! Nom!

  4. Mmm chex is a great idea!! Glad they worked out better this time.

  5. They look great! I may have to try this some time, they look fun.

  6. Yay, glad it worked better this time around!

  7. You are so creative! Do you like peanut butter cups? Make those next time so I can learn from you. They are ST's favorite ;-)

    1. mmm.. peanut butter cups! or maybe nutella? yummm

  8. Glad the second attempt was successful! White chocolate definitely has a different melting point and texture than milk or dark chocolate - I learned this the hard way when making fudge this past Christmas!

  9. Thank you for a very timely and great article. Looking forward to your next amazing article.


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