Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY Skirt

Note - this is not a success story. Ha!

This is one of my favorite skirts.  It's comfy and pretty and a little bit swishy.
It's also very wrinkled.
I thought to myself, "heeey..if I like this skirt, I should make another!"

So I stretched the elastic of my skirt and tried to take measurements of each of the tiers.  Three tiered rectangles. The top for the waistband, and the second two for the flairs.

Now, I didn't know how they made the waistband in the original skirt, so I decided to try the "scrunchie" method instead. Did anyone else grow up making scrunchies? My mom and I made like five billion of them back in the day.
I put the elastic through the tube and sewed it into a circle. I would have liked to use thicker elastic, but 1/4" was all I had on hand. 

With a running stitch along both the skirt tier rectangles, I pulled the ends to "gather" the skirt. I gathered the bottom tiers just enough so that they'd match the width of the tier above it.
And then I sewed the gathered tiers and the waistband together. I didn't bother with the cheap material fraying since this was a practice skirt.

It kinda looks like the original, maybe?

It's not the greatest.  I really don't like the bunchy scrunchie waistband.  I'd have to wear it with a baggy sweater if anything.
I love my cheapo mirror, by the way.  It's slightly warped, and makes things look skinnier. Huu huu huu.

But the worst part is that I didn't do the gathers very evenly, and it's very bunchy in some places and not so much in others. 

 Clothes are hard to sew. Especially when there's no pattern involved. This was one of my unfinished projects.  I still consider it unfinished, but think I need to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch with this one.  I need to find out a better method of sewing gathers and waistbands! Any tips?

Is it skirt season for you yet?


  1. I can't sew, but I love the skirt! I think it's pretty normal for swishy skirts like that to bunch here and there anyway! It's definitely skirt/shorts/capri weather here already (aside from the cool last few days)!

  2. I'm impressed that you tried without a pattern! I have a couple of "favorite" items that I'm so tempted to take to a seamstress to replicate in different colors/patterns!

  3. It looks super cute on you, even though it's a mock up! If no one looks closely.. it's like.... "unique." Or something. :oP

  4. Ahhhh that's cute! I really dig maxi skirts and I feel like they could wear them all day, every day. What a useful talent to have!

  5. Fine. Send it to me, I will wear it :) I think its adorable!

  6. I'm not a sewer but my mom is - don't quote me on this but I -think- you can make a waistband by using wide elastic and stretching it as you pin/sew it. So like, stretch it out the whole length of your fabric, sew it on, then when you're done, release it and it will scrunch evenly. Does that make sense?? I'm not doing the best job describing and I can't promise it will work, but this is how I vaguely remember momma doing it, lol.


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